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Thread: Sexy Manager

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    drizzt84 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by moretex View Post
    Then you never get the question "Do you want to try fixing permissions?" - it just starts the game.
    You will get it once and only if EBOOT.BIN file has wrong permissions

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    drizzt84 Guest
    Open Manager v2.0 (codename Gaia, my girlfriend name) rc2 released.

    It's based on Sexy Manager release.

    RC2 Features:
    • Add fallback support for /dev_hdd0/GAMEZ as game directory (you need to answer "NO" to all the proposed directories to use it).
    • Rename COVERS directory to COVERZ and add support for /dev_hdd0/COVERZ directory
    • Fixed EBOOT.BIN fix permission when "Mem Patch" is enabled
    • Change pink color to yellow (in the device area)
    • In the zip you will find also a version without initial sound

    RC1 Features:
    • Use two different background, one for games and one for homebrew
    • Remap "Test files" to R3
    • Add rehash function to L3 (it will reload the game/homebrew list)
    • Add support for covers: you just need to put the cover (260x300) in /dev_hdd0/games/GAIA01985/COVERS/ or in GAME_PATH/../..COVERS and are by title id, ex BCUS12345.PNG
    • Package ID is changed from OMAN46756 to GAIA01985 and also the homebrew and all related dirs!

    Beta3 Features:
    • Added "Direct Boot" mode (L2)
    • Changed the key combo to change the internal game dir to SELECT+HOME
    • Fixed square button to backup from bdvd
    • Removed "Put games from BR-DISC" and "Put the homebrew in USBXXX:/homebrew" strings
    • Reduced the gap between one device and his size and the next device, in the bottom bar

    Beta2 Features:
    • Fixed the highlight alignment (thanks klutsh)
    • New BG file with IP: aligned (thanks klutsh) and bottom size bar expanded

    Beta1 Features:
    • Hermes v3 patching enabled (L1).
    • Graphic / Background changed (thanks to klush) to allow safe area
    • Buttons remapped (exit key removed, use menu to exit)
    • Direct loading removed (it works with only 10% of games)
    • All my old patches

    It's a release candidate, please report, if there are no other problems it would be the 2.0 release.

    You have to use the Blackb0x ftp server to move/rename the game/cover directory (if you want to do it)

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    moretex Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by drizzt84 View Post
    You will get it once and only if EBOOT.BIN file has wrong permissions
    I only got this message from patched mode. I also needed to set the permissions for all files and dirs for this game (I got no access into the directory). In this application only EBOOT.BIN is fixed. The game was transfered by FTP to test the permission problem. I'll try with another problem game later.

    To make it a little more clear. For F1 2010 I could start and run the game in hermes V3 mode (normal) but then get the save error in the game. In patched mode I got the eboot.bin error and the question "Do you want to try fixing permissions?" - this fix did not help. Only a full directory fix did it and later run the game in patched mode.

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    FireSokar Guest
    creating new non standard / official directorys will cause problems later on if PSN is enabled. It will allow sony a quick solution to discover a JB Device. The COVERS directory should remain in the app dir. And future releases should be "Stealthed"

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    Jurai2 Guest
    for the love of god stop calling it Open Manager 2.0

  6. #336
    IHM Guest
    LOL : Jurai2

    Drizzt84 "Change pink color to yellow (in the device area)"

    Will try this baby now

  7. #337
    LioMajor Guest
    To be true, Codename Gaia rc2 should be enough.

    If there is a major change like working usb including ntfs, 2.0 would fit.

    drizztbsd, i like your work, thumbs up

  8. #338
    Jurai2 Guest
    My main complaint on the 2.0 tag is the same complaint I had with the 1.xx branches, it implies that the version is some type of official version of the application. Considering not a single person contributing changes is the original author, makes no sense

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    raaav Guest
    Whats the deal with that Z-stuff?

    Why can't you use /dev_hdd0/GAMES/ ?

  10. #340
    drizzt84 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by raaav View Post
    Whats the deal with that Z-stuff?

    Why can't you use /dev_hdd0/GAMES/ ?
    Because we use /dev_usb001/GAMEZ

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