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Thread: Sexy Manager

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    johnny1233 Guest
    also how do you turn on/off patch mode ?

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    NinjaOptimus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by johnny1233 View Post
    also how do you turn on/off patch mode ?
    Patch can be turned on/off by R3 key, as you can easily tell by symbol shown on right side.

    Also Jurai, some bug reporting the right side padding seems good enough (although the thumbnail is slighlty cropped).

    on the left side you can see in pic below attached, first characters of game names are cropped at 720p on my lcd. any chances to add a lil more padding for text from left side? thanks

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    johnny1233 Guest
    no.. isn't R3 for direct boot ? mine looks fine on 1080p

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    farenheit Guest
    An alternative BG.PNG

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    JonahUK Guest

    Can you please attach the source for this version?

    I am not a coder but am willing to learn and would like to be able to change things myself instead of relying on other people, but you have made so many changes with minimal source releases.

    I am not the only person on here who has requested the source for your releases so please, attach the source.

    You tell people to do it themselves and that it's not hard but if we had the source, we can compare and see how/what has been changed and gain a better understanding of the changes.


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    iFirre Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by farenheit View Post
    An alternative BG.PNG
    Thanks!! Looking really good. More to come?

    I really like that it easy to change the appearance to a more personal look

    And Juari. You are the MAN! The work you put in! It really is totally awesome!!

    But wood, really?

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    farenheit Guest
    A couple more... (was bored...)

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    drizzt84 Guest
    I am a coder, instead, and I want to change the font management using libfont (instead of libdbgfont).

    It's needed to allow custom fonts (.ttf, etc) and unicode support.

    Please release the source code :-)

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    budzio Guest

    in your mod there is language support for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Swedish.
    If you are interested I could do Polish translation (I've wrote an e-mail to you).

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    Jurai2 Guest
    Ftp on/off is mapped to L3 atm, the display for that's currently broken though. Ill fix it tomorrow hopefully. Also agree that more overscan padding is necessary though I have n idea if there's a unified definition on how many pixels is considered a 'safe' point of reference.

    Patch mode toggle is currently removed since everyone insisted v3 hermes was fine, but of course now everyone does want a toggle so ill probably add it again

    The highlight.png could also be changed if so inclined btw.

    Ideally ill flesh this out to support some config settings for font size, number of entries, , show paths, etc., but that's another 'happen when it happens'. There are other ui related functions id prefer to get going first.

    Drizzt84: I'm well aware

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