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Thread: Sexy Manager

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    iFirre Guest
    I love your work. I'm still using the modded OM you released I really like the text font you used.

    But aren't you forgetting something now? The text on the right is to high up, you forgot the box displaying the game logo.
    Or i'm i to tired and totally missed something?

  2. #122
    PSPSwampy Guest
    @farenheit: First off - thanks for your backgrounds, very nice. I do have one small grip though - the buttons/fixed text are a bit higher than the variable text.

    I'm using one of yours, i've added an L3 button image to it for the FTP function - perhaps you could modify your template to encorporate this & above?

    Anyway it's a really shoddy edit on my part, but here it is! since we're all sharing n all that
    (note that i'm not a graphic artist and i simply editted the .png with cut n paste technology!)

  3. #123
    IHM Guest
    Jurai2 i am having trouble getting your manager to spot games on my external drive, i have tried all combinations, what exactly shoud the dir layout be?

  4. #124
    Bon Scott Guest
    I'm very impressed with all the updates and beautiful skins that are being created, but I play in a TV 29" ratio 4:3 and there is a problem in visualising the lateral bottom's instructions (the letters are so tiny) and the image is cropped in a way that the first letter of the game's name doesn't appear...

    Is there a way to tab the game menu a few to the left at least?

  5. #125
    Jurai2 Guest
    added an option to download debug game patches if available, they work on some games, not on others, figured it was useful nonetheless

  6. #126
    BwE Guest
    here's my crappy template if anybody cares </3

    lol whoops its 15mb

  7. #127
    marc2590 Guest
    a new photoshop mockup i made.

    *Rob Schneider Voice* Come on Jurai2, YOU CAN DO IT!

  8. #128
    Jurai2 Guest
    added drizzt84's ansi workaround

  9. #129
    JonahUK Guest

    Firstly, thanks for releasing the source, it's appreciated.

    Secondly, I am impressed at how much has changed since your last source release. Very tidy and quite easy to find my way about even though I'm not a coder (basic understanding though).

    This is why I personally like source code releases, gives me a better understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. I'm just naturally curious and looking to learn new things all the time.

    Thanks and great work, keep it up. Can't wait to see what comes next.


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    drizzt84 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by marc2590 View Post
    a new photoshop mockup i made.

    *Rob Schneider Voice* Come on Jurai2, YOU CAN DO IT!
    It remembers me the Wii "Configurable USB Loader" with the simil-coverflow

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