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    Scogger HD PlayStation 3 Homebrew Game is Now Available

    Today PlayStation 3 developer Scognito has released what he calls Scogger HD, a PS3 homebrew version of the popular Frogger video game.

    Download: Scogger HD v0.1 for PS3 / Scogger HD v0.1 for PS3 3.55 / Scogger HD v0.1 for PS3 3.41

    From his site: New graphics for my latest console: PlayStation 3! Rules of the game are the same as other ports: frog can jump forward, left, right (not backward) and the goal is to jump over all the leaf of the level.

    There are 10 levels, out of 100 random ones


    - Move the frog with arrow keys
    - Restart level with Circle button

    Scogger 0.1 for PS3 Changelog:

    - First and last version
    - New fantastic graphics in HD thanks to SpriteAttack!

    Thanks to SDL library I ported the original game on PC in a breeze, then I started changing every single image, add some sort of animation and writing some sort of animation code, tweaking with frames, rewrite menu code, polishing the trash code... so I did 90% of the work PC side. Porting it over on PS3 was (almost) straightforward.

    What I used on PS3 side was initially SDL for PS3 but it was software accelerated and (at time of writing) extremely slow to render images on a 1280x720 screen.

    I decided then to change the graphic code to use HermesEOL's tiny3d lib, just one day before he decided to leave the scene

    SDL Mixer was used for sound, and it works great, except I had some issues with sound some effects that I solved with some dirty hack.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Vercceti Guest
    Fantastic work.

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    lordfenixnc Guest
    A friend and I are working on a 2d 4v4 turn based game for pc We hope to release it and other titles for FREE in the hopes of getting more support for Larger projects... We found a Host that offer 100CCUs free so we plan on use the host for just a lobby and have the games hosted player side... How hard would it be to port a project like this to PS3?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    That'll be completely dependant on your original source and the languages/frameworks/API's used.

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