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    Jun 2007

    SafeIMG PC App Released for PS3 Game File Reduction & More!

    OCBFan has released his PC application for analysing PS3 .PKG files as well as extracting/removing unneeded data from PS3 Games, and it also incorprates the option to split 4+GB files via PC for Open Manager on the PS3.

    Download: SafeIMG v0.1 / SafeIMG v0.1.1

    To quote: Greetings my fellow gamers.

    After a couple of days of work and testing with a friend's PS3 (Don't own one yet!) I decided to share my software with the rest of the world.

    Function List:
    - Loads homebrew PKG and prints statistics [ Cheers to naehrwert for the PKG unpacker ]
    - Supports folder-tree operations , such as printing game statistics
    - Splits >4GB files to OBM format
    - Shrinks down files with unwanted data [ use with caution ]
    - Removes movie file data [ use with caution ]
    - Removes updates [ & hidden updates ]

    Todo List:
    - SafeList to block brickers
    - Online updates

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Jun 2009
    I will test this out on a couple of games I own and post the results.

    Thanks for the effort!

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    Aug 2010
    Great app, thanks to dev OCBFan and his hard work!

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    Jan 2010
    Very nice, though I always find it odd when the best software comes from people who don't even own the system they write it for. Hmmm....

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    Sep 2010
    nice work man, can't wait till you get a ps3 and then see what you come up with.

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    Jun 2006
    split files dont work on USB, i split the files on NTFS disk transfer games to USB /GAMEZ/ load up game and black screen

    i tried on OBM 1.16 and jarai2 OBM both give black screens

    any ideas?

    really want to use this function.

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    Apr 2005
    SafeImg v0.1.1 is now available.

    New functions:
    • Safe database/Block database
    • Working progress bars
    • Pattern patcher
    • Improved shrinker
    • Minor improvements and tweaks

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    Oct 2010
    Thanks for this m8 regards

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    Feb 2008
    - Removes updates [ & hidden updates ]
    hmm waiting for MOH to test this baby out

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