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Thread: Running PSP Games (ISOs) and Homebrew as Minis on PS3 Guide

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    Brenza Guest
    I do, but it works only with signed package files. You just have to spoof the xml file that you grab when you try to install something on the ps3, you insert the link, the right md5... and the game is done.

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    NTA Guest
    I haven't give up hope yet lol

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    castman Guest
    It would be a bless.. see the follow up of the ofw trick as I still didn't due to the money to pay or the same with some real work.

    Mine still on 4.21 ofw, stopped until today.

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    Xplic1T Guest

    PSP2PS3 on OFW could allow for supervisor/hypervisor control ?

    So ... lets do a quick assessment ... we have psp iso execution on OFW ... could we theoretically run homebrew somehow or crash the pspmini emulator and give us supervisor control ? Seems to me like something like a HEN is possible if we can orchestrate a crash or buffer overflow on OFW system?

    Everyone wishing they didn't update past 3.55 shouldn't update until this is further explored. I know not all ISO's work but perhaps we can engineer one.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Fist the Emu has not enough rights. Second crash or buffer overflow will cause the HV to panic (freeze)

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    afashionman Guest

    PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite v1.5 for PS3 with PSP Homebrew Support

    Following up on their previous revisions, Italian PlayStation 3 developer Francesco Lanzilotta at BiteYourConsole has updated the PSP Minis on PS3 application dubbed PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite to version 1.5 which now includes PSP homebrew support in the changes below.

    Download: Bite 1.5 (Setup) / Bite 1.5 (No Setup) / Bite 1.5 (No Setup) (Mirror)

    To quote, roughly translated: Released Bite 1.5 with support Homebrew

    The team BiteYourConsole is back in the evening releasing the new version of Bite with support in the realization of homebrew.

    In this new version there are two good news, we have added the possibility to create backup with the new method remaster and the second novelty, we can, through steps dictated by Bite, convert PSP homebrew to run them on the PS3.

    Interacting with Bite is simple, we can directly use the PSP console, the console because every button has its own function.

    Bite Functions:
    • Down Arrow and Up Arrow: Opens and closes the console, is used for the construction of homebrew.
    • Left Arrow and Right Arrow: Opens or closes the help function.
    • Home button: Returns to the menu selection.
    • Volume function keys: Use the plus and minus buttons can decrease or increase the volume (if you load an mp3 file).
    • Circle button: Opens the folder where installed Bite.
    • Musical Note: Open the audio file (mp3)
    • Select button: Used to upload files cso, iso, eboot.pbp or files pkg.
    • Start button: This function is not available.
    • The keys angle handpiece squared circle eg: Generic buttons, used for various functions.

    Once created, we can decide whether to pick them up files from the folder where they are created, in this case click on the Select button and copy the files so created, or through the transfer ftp server on PS3, the files will be saved in the package and installed with multiman with the bubble function, this function may still have some small bug, we will try to fix in a future release.

    In the tools folder we can find a file backup_bat, use it in case some files can become corrupted, you can intervene by pulling back the batch files used by Bite.

    Attention: For proper operation of Bite do not change the installation directory, in the version No Setup Bite extract the folder into the directory 'C: \ Program Files'.

    [imglink=|PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite v1.5 for PS3 with PSP Homebrew Support][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite v1.5 for PS3 with PSP Homebrew Support][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Brenza Guest
    Can we use this to exploit 3k?

    Is true or fake that we can run unsigned minis on ofw by "Transfer data utilities"??

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    afashionman Guest

    PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite v1.5.1 Update for PS3 is Now Released

    Following up on their previous revision, Italian PlayStation 3 developer Francesco Lanzilotta at BiteYourConsole has updated the PSP Minis on PS3 application dubbed PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite to version 1.5.1 with the changes outlined below.

    Download: Bite 1.5.1 (Setup) / Bite 1.5.1 Translation.rar‎ by RazorX

    To quote, roughly translated: Bite H&E 1.5.1 Released

    After a week, we at we release a new version of Bite that today comes to version 1.5.1. Bite h&e, this is the name of the new version which is for homebrew, emulation & why we decided to integrate three of the most popular emulators of the scene.

    The three emulators are the famous PPSSPP of the PSP, which boasts numerous titles, the ePSXe regarding the PSOne and PlayStation 2 emulator, PCSX2.

    Attention: the emulator ePSXe and PCSX2 BiOS need to operate, the bios for these emulators is owned by sony, unfortunately we cannot provide support on copyrighted material.

    We wanted to totally change the menus, which as you can see from the pictures they approach remarkably in similarity to the XMB (XrossMediaBar), the graphical user interface developed by Sony.

    The Homebrew section now is invoked by an external application that is easier in targeted projects.

    • Improved graphics from Flash, total compatibility on almost all operating systems.
    • Added three home sony psp emulators, psone and pstwo.
    • Added Bite, prompt new external program to develop homebrew for our ps3.
    • Fixed several minor bugs of the previous version.

    Function Keys:
    • By clicking the Home button will return to the main menu
    • By clicking the circle next to the musical note pkg files possibly created will be moved to a folder called fact PKG from where they can be easily copied.
    • By clicking on the minus key will delete all temporary files that the program creates at the moment of conversion.

    Finally, below is BiteYourFirmware - The Ultimate PS3 Custom Firmware Collection also from them with details as follows, roughly translated:

    Download: BiteYourFirmware - The Ultimate Custom Firmware Collection

    Today we decided to release the first collection of custom firmware for our beloved ps3, never search the Web, usenet and immediately ready to be installed on the console.

    The program begins by giving us a nice video presentation with just claims of our blog, a way to repay us for the long time spent in execution.

    The various custom firmware will be presented along with their code md5 (Message Digest algorithm 5, which means this is a cryptographic hashing algorithm) which have been checked thoroughly.

    There are 12 of the most famous are the classic custom firmware kmeaw, the more secure and stable Rogero, but also the Rebug for the most geeks, in short, a fine collection of custom firmware to always keep on hand in order to avoid long searches.
    • Download directly without waiting.
    • Extract the contents and copy the PS3 folder on the stick, immediately ready for installation you have to do.

    [imglink=|PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite v1.5.1 Update for PS3 is Now Released][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite v1.5.1 Update for PS3 is Now Released][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite v1.5.1 Update for PS3 is Now Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    owanef Guest

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    taattmann Guest
    Hi, first post, I am having trouble here. I have many legally owned psp games. I am trying with several different programs to convert 4 to play on my ps3. it has cfw kmeaw 3.55. I am trying to convert aliens vs predator requiem, dead head fred, infected, and 3rd birthday.

    I get the pkg created, and installed fine. the games come up. however, when the games try to save a profile, it cant. dead head fred played fine but wouldnt save, avp wouldnt save a profile and find one to load, I havent gotten any further. seems like the game isnt redirecting the saves to the hard drive. can someone please help?

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