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Thread: Running PSP Games (ISOs) and Homebrew as Minis on PS3 Guide

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    imawinner Guest
    I'll try that later this evening when I get home. Should/would I need to maybe connect my psp and backup the saves? Think that would work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedaking View Post
    the links don't work for me! others with this problem?
    I have added some mirrors to the main article now:

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    imawinner Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Itachi 2121E View Post
    Try to do that and tell the results. It didn't work for me.
    Still get error on some games but it seems to be saving the data anyways. Almost like it's mounting the "card" to save and then "removing" directly after it finishes.... odd, but yea it's saving data and working.

    Tested with Dissidia and Infected.

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    StanSmith Guest
    Its a hit and miss atm. I tried 2 games and 1 doens't work at all, black screens and locks up. The other got past the MINIS logo then it loaded up the first part but black screens and locks up before the menu.

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    afashionman Guest

    PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite v1.4 Extreme Edition for PS3, Mac Support

    Following up on their previous revision, today Italian PlayStation 3 developer Francesco Lanzilotta at BiteYourConsole has updated the PSP Minis on PS3 application dubbed PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite to version 1.4 Extreme Edition which includes Mac support in the changes below.

    Download: PSPMinis Bite 1.4 Win / PSPMinis Bite 1.4 Mac / PSPMinis Bite 1.4 Win (English version) / Bite PSPMinis Mac 1.4 (English version) (Not available yet, * read below) / PSPMinis Bite 1.4 Win (No Setup) / PSPMinis Bite 1.4 Win (No Setup) (English version) / PSP2PS3_v1.7.4a_CEX-DEX.7z / PSP2PS3_v1.7.4b_CEX-DEX.7z / PSP2PS3_v1.7.5_CEX-DEX.7z by aldostools

    To quote, roughly translated: After a very short time since our last release we have decided to release to the public a new version of our tool for Windows PCs called Bite, to version 1.4 (Extreme Edition).

    The tool allows you to convert and transform your files with a simple click, and in turn transform your PSP games in PKG and launch on PS3 with CFW.

    This new update adds lots of news! Now the meter will be installed from the setup, no more folders improvised, we have integrated a video player, a mp3 player, in fact clicking on the button shaped like a musical note we can load our favorite song, and many other innovations that we're going to see here followed by the changelog.

    NOTE: We recommend always delete the files created by a previous session in order to avoid conflicts in the execution of various scripts.

    Changelog v1.4 Bite:
    • Fixed some Bug
    • Adding new GUI
    • Added the readings. Mp3 files
    • Adding reading video files
    • Adding installation via setup
    • Added HTML Browser with direct connection to the site BiteYourConsole
    • Added the ability to convert ps1 backup with the program PS1toPS3
    • Integrated HxD Hex editor
    • Integrated PBP unpacker utility

    Gra z i and z Francis Lan Illotta and aldostools

    • Audio playback. Mpg,. Mp1;. Mp2,. Mp3,. Ogg,. Wma,. Asf
    • Video playback. Avi,. Mpeg,. Mpg,. M1V,. Wmv,. Asf,. Asx,. Qt,. Mov,. Mid,. Au,. snd
    • Converting image files PS1:. Bin. Img. Iso and. Mdf
    • Converting image files PSP. Cso or. Iso. Pbp


    1. By clicking on the select button enter the folder where the drag image files to convert and get the files processed in PKG.
    2. By clicking on the start button go into the folder where Psx drag our image file to convert and get the files also processed in PKG.
    3. Clicking on the button shaped like a musical note we can upload an audio file to listen waiting to convert our files.
    4. The 2 buttons control the volume.
    5. Clicking on this button you can load movies.
    6. The home button always brings us back in the first menu.
    7. With the forward and back buttons to navigate through the mini built-in browser.
    8. These buttons are used to process the files PSP and PSone.

    Note: * The English version for Mac is not available yet, you can use it, with Wine + XQuartz. WineBottler does not work.

    Finally, in related PS3 homebrew news today PlayStation 3 developer $n!pR has made available PSP2PS3 Toolkit GUI with details below followed by a few updated revisions, as follows:

    Download: PSP2PS3 / PSP2PS3 Toolkit - / PSP2PS3 Toolkit - / PSP2PS3 Toolkit - / PSP2PS3 Toolkit - / PSP2PS3 Toolkit - / PSP2PS3 Toolkit - (Mirror)

    Ok so while running batch files is fun and all I decided to make my own tool. This is just an early build I've been working on which creates the basic file structure. You still need Adolstools to create the PKG file for now.

    Basic how to:
    • Browse to ISO, the program will automatically find the CID
    • Enter the Title ID you want to use
    • Click Make Package
    • Right click the folder created and click Make PKG

    • Add option to copy media files from ISO
    • Add option to use EBOOT.PBP from PSN
    • Make PKG file

    There is a conflict between multiMAN and PSP/MINI's Gameplay. When the "Enable Dynarec" is turned "ON" and multiMAN is launched, then exited and a PSP/MINI Game is then launched. It will result in a BLACK SCREEN FREEZE (no mini's logo appears).

    To avoid this issue do not run multiMAN prior to a PSP/MINI game or Turn OFF the Dynarec within multiMAN setting located in the XMMB view near the bottom of the "Settings" Column. Some people may of thought some titles were unplayable via the Mini's emulator but actually were victim of this conflict so be sure you to re-check your converted games if you had this option enabled.

    PSP2PS3 Toolkit v1.10 Changelog:

    • Copies media files from ISO by default
    • Make PKG file

    • Add option to use EBOOT.PBP from PSN
    • Add option to use custom media files (psn_package_npdrm requires ICON0.PNG)

    PSP2PS3 Toolkit v1.20 Changelog:
    • Added option to use EBOOT.PBP from PSN
    • Added option to use custom media files
    • Bug fixes in PKG creation process
    • There was a bug in PARAM SFO Editor which has been fixed in v2.8.5

    PSP2PS3 Toolkit v1.20a Changelog:
    • Added save game fix option

    PSP2PS3 Toolkit v1.30 Changelog:
    • Added support for PKG files

    Just a side note: For retail packages it will scan and use the full 36 character content id, instead of just the 9 alphanumeric CID. eg. Instead of using placeholder UP1004-ULUS10160_00-0000000000000001, it'll use UP1004-ULUS10160_00-GTAVICECITYST000.

    PSP2PS3 Toolkit v1.40 Changelog:
    • Added PSP Remasters support

    Finally, from aldostools comes PSP2PS3 v1.7.4 for CEX / DEX (linked above) with the changes outlined below:

    For GUI lovers / black box (DOS window) haters, here is a new version of 1.7.4a with a quick GUI (ps3_minis.exe)

    Changes in PSP2PS3 1.7.4a mod by aldostools:
    • The GUI supports drag & drop, CLI and browse dialog
    • File types supported: pbp, pkg, cso and iso
    • A nice progress bar is displayed while the file is being processed.

    The GUI is an initial release and issues are expected.

    Changes in PSP2PS3 1.7.4b mod by aldostools:
    • Added option to create EBOOT.PBP with no compression

    Changes in PSP2PS3 1.7.5 mod by aldostools:
    • Updated with ps3_minis GUI v1.3 (mainly minor changes to the GUI. Compatibility should be the same as 1.7.4)

    [imglink=|PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite v1.4 Extreme Edition for PS3, Mac Support][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite v1.4 Extreme Edition for PS3, Mac Support][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PSPMinis / PS3Minis / Bite v1.4 Extreme Edition for PS3, Mac Support][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    just to say thanks and keep it up and this is good software for psp games

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    za3tot Guest
    Sorry everyone, can someone help me? when it arrives to making pck process, the psn_package_npdrm gives error and stop running, same thing for ps2 classic... Any idea? thanks in advance.

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    Video: PSP Game ISOs Running on PS3 4.41 OFW Demo Surfaces

    Following up on the previous updates, today CapetLeVrai shared a video demonstrating PSP game ISOs running on Sony PS3 Firmware 4.41 with details below.

    To quote (via Wololo): You might remember the psp2ps3 tools, and all the excitement a few weeks ago around a recent hack breakthrough that allows people to run psp isos (and, potentially, homebrews) on a hacked PS3, by “camouflaging” the game inside a PSP Mini.

    Although people believed this trick was reserved to PS3s running a Custom Firmware, this might become an incorrect statement very soon…

    I was contacted by scene member CapetLeVrai who apparently found a way to run those PSP ISOs on a non hacked PS3 running the latest official firmware 4.41.

    The current technique will probably not blow your mind for now, as it requires you to own both a hacked and a non hacked PS3, but it could open huge opportunities in the near future if the right people decide to look into that. The basic idea is that after being installed on a CFW PS3, the ISO can be transferred to the OFW PS3 through the integrated Data Transfer Utility, and will still run perfectly fine.

    How It Works

    The PS3 allows you to copy data from one PS3 to another, usually when you want to transfer all your existing content in the case you bought a new PS3. This is done by connecting your two PS3s with an ethernet cable. What CapetLeVrai did, which sounds simple enough but appears to work, was to install the game on his hacked PS3, then copy the entire content of his hacked PS3 to the OFW one with the Data Transfer Utility, and the hacked iso then simply accepted to run on the OFW PS3.

    Please note I haven’t confirmed myself because I’m beyond lazy and don’t want to lose my OFW PS3′s content (copying from your hacked PS3 to your unhacked PS3 will erase the previous content!) but from what I can tell this is legit.

    Now, why would it be interesting if this requires a hacked PS3 in the first place? Well, it shows that once installed, the game seems to be able to bypass the standard DRM security checks on OFW that should prevent it from running in the first place. Or, rather, that the hack perfectly tricked the OFW PS3 into believing the game was legally acquired. Which means that if people had a way to run a package installer on official firmware PS3s, there could be a way to install and run psp isos (and, who knows, PSP homebrews) on the latest PS3 Official firmware.

    Is it far fetched? Probably. But exciting? Definitely. Enjoy the video, in French. If you are able to confirm this and post a video on your own, please do credit CapetLeVrai for this discovery, as, as far as I know, nobody else had found that (at least publicly) before him.

    From the video's caption: This vulnerability requires a PS3 CFW at least able to install the file. Pkg

    I am not a hacker, at least I do not code and I do not claim to be a pirate, I am interested in this field and I put it gradually but I'm still far from finding and exploiting real flaws, this video aims to acquaint developers much more qualified than I am to try to find a solution for users who want to enjoy their PSP games on PS3 OFW (Official FirmWare) or via a possible HEN CFW (as I know KaKaRoToKs found a flaw like this...

    For console users DEX (formal or via CFW whatever) who want to transfer data on a console OFW:

    System mode: Normal
    XMB Operation Mode: CEX
    Debug Menu Type: CEX QA
    LV2 Kernel: CEX
    Target Type: CEX

    Hello World PSPHomebrew on PS3 By Harryoke
    PSP Homebrew on PS3 By Xerpi (YA2D with Controls) Tested by Harryoke
    Download: YA2D PSP Library / GIT

    Homebrew By Xerpi (YA2D PSP Library) Tested by Harryoke

    Squares By Xerpi - The First Playable PSP Homebrew Game on PS3. Tested by Harryoke
    Download: _PSP2PS3__squares_by_xerpi_15052013__UCJS10041___R emaster_.pkg

    This thank you very much for watching the video, if you are interested in PlayStation hack let me know in the comments I will make a small series of video to tell you all this technical vocabulary that ultimately is not that complicated!

    Finally, from samson: Also i found the kurok source files (, harryoke you was asking for sources Wavegen pspsdk sample:

    Download: [PSP2PS3] WAVEGEN [Remaster].pkg

    No screen output (because its suffers the same problem as gta games) but audio and controller work, X to change wave form, push joystick up for higher frequency and down for lower frequency. do not have volume too high before starting, enjoy.

    Update: From xxmcvapourxx: KIRK 13 ECDSA

    Guys, After months of researching and alot of studying on security this might help other devs.

    Let me explain: LV2_kernal.elf hold's the public key underneath holds the ECDSA curve.
    E6 79 2E 44 6C EB A2 7B CA DF 37 4B 99 50 4F D8 E8 0A DF EB 00 00 00 00 3E 66 DE 73 FF E5 8D 32 91 22 1C 65 01 8C 03 8D 38 22 C3 C9 <--- this is public key to lv2_Kernal.elf
    A6 8B ED C3 34 18 02 9C 1D 3C E3 3B 9A 32 1F CC BB 9E 0F 0B = B
    Gx= 128EC4256487FD8FDF64E2437BC0A1F6D5AFDE2C
    Gy= 5958557EB1DB001260425524DBC379D5AC5F4ADF
    ECDSA Curve: D9 AA EB 60 54 30 7F C0 FB 48 8B 15 AE 11 B5 58 C7 5F C8 A3 00 00 00 00 EC 49 07 E1 29 C5 B5 CD 38 6D 94 D8 23 18 B9 D5 58 77 7C 5A 62 7C B1 80 8A B9 38 E3 2C 8C 09 17 08 72 6A 57 9E 25 86 E4
    a= -3

    KIRK 13 ECDSA point multiplication
    Point multiplication
    Elliptic Curve Math formula : with NP points on the curve
    a= -3
    b= A68BEDC33418029C1D3CE33B9A321FCCBB9E0F0B
    Base Point:
    Gx= 128EC4256487FD8FDF64E2437BC0A1F6D5AFDE2C
    Gy= 5958557EB1DB001260425524DBC379D5AC5F4ADF
    u8 buffer[0x3C]
    u8 newpoint[0x28]
    memcpy(buffer, multiplier, 0x14);
    memcpy(buffer+0x14, pointx, 0x14);
    memcpy(buffer+0x28, pointy, 0x14);
    The result is a new point(x and y are each 0x14 bytes long).
    To test this, you can call 0xC service and copy the first 0x14 bytes to a new buffer, then copy the Gx and Gy values after that. Calling 0xD with the new buffer will return the values of x and y that were generated by the 0xC call.
    This has been updated in wiki euss had kindly confirmed and helped me. This does not lead getting private keys but its usefully for other devs.

    From zecoxao: Some keys stuff (kirk/psp related)


    That is a decrypted self found inside emulator_drm.sprx in pspemu. You can look at the keys starting at offset 0x19EA0 from there until 0x19F80 you have kirk cmd 4/7 keys (already documented in libkirk) On offset 0x1A060 you have the section 0x6 keyseed and below it, some ecdsa stuff (the seed is already documented in seeds page, the ecdsa stuff however, isn't) This is for filling up the keys page. it's also good to have a look at.

    PS: You can only find the seed on later firmwares. 3.55 and below firmwares do not have that seed.

    [imglink=|Video: PSP Game ISOs Running on PS3 4.41 OFW Demo Surfaces][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    some games work but not all of them

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    Video: PSP2PS3 v1.8.1 CEX / DEX, PSPtoPS3 GUI B22 & More PS3 Tools

    Following up on the previous updates, here are some new revisions of the PSP2PS3 and PSPtoPS3 utilities alongside some related PS3 homebrew applications which utilize the new PSP Remaster method as demonstrated in the video below.

    PSP2PS3 v2.1.2 CEX

    Changes in v2.1.2:
    • Minor changes about media customization

    PSP2PS3 v2.1.1 CEX

    Changes in v2.1.1:
    • Updated seboot with the "mod" version from RikuKH3 (now allows to use seboot or prxencrypter)

    Other changes:
    • Added option to create PKG to update MINIS2.EDAT when a PKG was created and MINIS2.EDAT is updated. (click on the blue message when it appear for the options)
    • Added option to restore the MINIS2.TXT if it is not the default file.
    • Fixed ICON0 for icons 80x80 (minis)
    • Added ability to cancel the process
    • Added progress bar for CSO and PKG

    I hope that the addition of seboot help to improve the compatibility a bit more, without having to use additional commands.

    Note: The PKG to update MINIS2.EDAT is useful to test MINIS2.TXT parameters without having to rebuild the whole game. It creates a GameData package only with the EDATs. The Make PKG option can be used to rebuild the whole game with the updated MINIS2.EDAT

    PSP2PS3 v2.1 CEX

    Changes in v2.1:
    • Added option for resign tool to use: seboot or prxencrypter
    • Added option to create PKG to update MINIS2.EDAT when a PKG was created and MINIS2.EDAT is updated.
    • Added option to restore the MINIS2.TXT if it is not the default file.
    • Fixed ICON0 for icons 80x80 (minis)
    • Added ability to cancel the process
    • Added progress bar for CSO and PKG

    PSP2PS3 v2.06 CEX

    Changes in v2.06:
    • The issue was that when you selected the media file, the dialog was also changing "current directory" from the temporary folder to the used last folder. This issue should be fixed now in the build 2.0.6.

    PSP2PS3 v2.05 CEX

    Changes in v2.05:
    • It has a new option for donor.pbp
    • It also shows a preview of the media for ISO, PBP, PKG
    • It now supports PIC2.PNG (right-click on the right bottom area of the preview holding Ctrl or just drag & drop a PIC2.PNG). There is no preview of this image.
    • Other random fixes in the GUI
    • The templates of MINIS2.TXT was updated. The tool now auto selects the template based on the content id/title id of the current game, only if you enter to the MINIS2 dialog and save the new MINIS2.TXT
    • The link is updated... the images were not refreshing properly. I added a PARAM.HIP, so you known what tool you used to convert the PKG. It was still not refreshing properly... I hope this version does it fine.

    PSP2PS3 v2.04 CEX

    Changes in v2.04:
    • Added detection if the EBOOT must be resigned.
    • Added warning about compression & tooltips.
    • Re-Added these tools to the pack: UMDGEN, seboot, SIGN_EBOOT.bat and pbp-unpacker.exe

    PSP2PS3 v2.03 CEX

    Changes in v2.03:
    • Removed the batch scripts.
    • Added option to customize package icon & background.
    • Added option to use custom title id/content id.
    • Added support for multiple MINIS2 templates. MINIS2 can be edited before start the conversion.

    PSP2PS3 v2.02 CEX
    • PSP2PS3_v2.02_CEX.7z (The MINIS2 can be edited before encrypt... and support multiple templates for MINIS2, so you just have to choose one from the list)

    PSP2PS3 v2.01 CEX
    • PSP2PS3_v2.01_CEX.7z by szczuru / aldostools (Includes MINIS2, it now allows to edit the Content ID/Title ID)

    PSP2PS3 v2.0 CEX
    • PSP2PS3_v2.0_CEX.7z by szczuru / aldostools (Experimental GUI 2.0. It's nothing special... just a clone of doobz GUI with some minor additions)

    PSP2PS3 v1.8.1 CEX / DEX

    Changes in v1.8.1:
    • Added mapping of d-pad arrows to right analog stick in MINIS2.TXT for PSP Remasters (thanks to lex3a for the tip).
    • Includes a patched version of PSPtoPS3-b22 by Doobz (fixes type and a complain about version in SFO).

    Changes in v1.8.0:
    • Added support for PSP Remasters. Thanks to doobz (See also: PSPtoPS3-b22 below)

    Here is a PSP2PS3 Compatibility List, and from the ReadMe File: PSP2PS3 package by szczuru v1.8.1 (2013-04-27) mod by aldostools. Credits also to: Pink1, arnold, zecoxao, tpu, and doobz

    1. Obtain PSP game in PKG format and put it in this directory. (Only for DEX users – you need also make_edata_npdrm.exe – put in tools dir)

    • Copy ISO file here
    • RUN ISO2EBOOT (name output PBP as EBOOT.PBP)
    • GO TO STEP 3




    2. Put pkg in PSP2PS3 dir and run EXTRACT_PKG


    4. Run MAKE_PACKAGE (after packaged is created script will ask to transfer pkg to PS3 via FTP)

    (IMPORTANT FOR DEX USERS! If you have “Package Manager” [eg in Rebug FW] and you want to install package you’ll see only “Please Wait” message. Wait till message dissapear then go to Package Manager -> PlayStation Network Content and install your package from there). Tested on Rebug 4.30.2 CEX/DEX.

    From aldostools: The "warning" about informal options is due the pkg is created using the -n parameter, which allows to bypass some validations made by psn_package_npdrm. This is needed to allow the creation of the PKG for the unsupported category "PE" (PSP Remasters). Here are some examples of settings for MINIS2.TXT (more here:
    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Remaster
    S3D.ENABLE = 2
    SDRAM_SIZE = 02800000
    K-ON Houkago Live HD Ver
    AW.EXT_MODE = 3
    AW.EXT_CMD = 2
    SDRAM_SIZE = 02800000
    ADDITIONAL_KEY_ASSIGN = 8000000000000000
    S3D.ENABLE = 1
    Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid 2 HD Ver
    AW.EXT_MODE = 3
    AW.EXT_CMD = 2
    SDRAM_SIZE = 02800000
    ADDITIONAL_KEY_ASSIGN = 0000000047C6C544
    S3D.ENABLE = 1
    AW.VRAM_MODE = 1
    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
    S3D.ENABLE = 2
    SDRAM_SIZE = 02800000
    AW.EXT_MODE = 3
    AW.EXT_CMD = 2
    ADDITIONAL_KEY_ASSIGN = 0000000047C6C544
    VSYNC_OFFSET_US = 2000
    Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki FC Kai HD Edition
    SDRAM_SIZE = 03000000
    ADDITIONAL_KEY_ASSIGN = 0000000047C6C544
    S3D.ENABLE = 1
    AW.EXT_MODE = 3
    AW.EXT_CMD = 3
    VSYNC_OFFSET_US = 2000
    Other examples of settings
    VMX_FOR_FPU = 1
    Map D-Pad arrows to Right analog stick:
    ADDITIONAL_KEY_ASSIGN = 0000000047C6C544
    If you have qa flags enabled, in the ★ Debug Settings under the Settings column, you will find a "PSP EMU menu" option. If you enable it, you will get 4 new options under Settings > Game Settings. One of them is PSP Remaster - Screen Mode, which let you change the resolution of PSP Remasters to Full Screen or Normal while you're playing.

    Some parameters for the MINIS2 are:
    VOUT_RESOLUTION_MODE = %lld           0,1,2,3,...? seems to increase resolution of models. Example: VOUT_RESOLUTION_MODE = 2
    PSPtoPS3 GUI B22 by doobz

    Changelog B22:
    • Auto Detection and Patching of needed ISO's
    • Select a PSP ISO, PSP, PSN PKG (PBP and PKG games can't be patched, Only ISOs)
    • Choose between PSP Remasters or Minis Format
    • Change Title ID or use PSP-Titles Default Title-ID
    • Full real-time XMB preview box w/ custom options: ICON0.png, PIC!.png, PIC0.png, SND0.AT3, ICON1.PAM, Custom PARAM.HIP, PIC2.PNG (4:3 Only)

    MSG Portable Ops via PSP Remaster Method (and some more videos):

    From zecoxao: Props to doobz / sandungas / any other person i might have forgotten for this creation (Windows only) "United we stand, divided we fall"

    PSP2PS3 Toolkit v1.40a by $n!pR

    PSP2PS3 Toolkit v1.40 by $n!pR

    Changelog v1.40a:
    • Auto detect title in iso

    Changelog v1.40:
    • Added PSP Remasters support

    Ez PSP2PS3 1.3 Mod by djpopol (via

    Download: Ez PSP2PS3 1.0.rar / Ez PSP2PS3 1.1.rar / Ez PSP2PS3 1.2.rar / Ez PSP2PS3 1.3.rar / Ez PSP2PS3 1.3.rar (Mirror)

    To quote, roughly translated: Developed by djpopol member of our forums, Ez PSP2PS3 is a program designed to simply convert ISO PSP Minis PSP or PSP Remasters. Its major asset is its intelligence because its code was developed so that almost everything is automated. The detection of the ISO is for example made by the program, you do not even need to define if the game requires a signature.

    Other features of the application are many, you will find a non-exhaustive list below. Supported formats are. DAX. CSO and. ISO, knowing that it is possible to convert .DAX / .CSO in games. ISO in manual mode. Three languages ​​are available: English, French and Spanish. Note that the program requires. NET Framework 4.5 to run.

    Main functions:
    • Conversion DAX CSO or ISO PSP Minis or PSP Remasters (optional)
    • Choose between two modes: automatic mode and manual mode
    • Compression EBOOT. PBP
    • Generation and ISO.BIN MINIS.BIN files from the EBOOT. PBP
    • Fix backup
    • Customization of PKG to generate
    • Conversion DAX / CSO to ISO (manual mode)
    • Extracting ISO (manual mode)
    • Creation and extraction of PKG (manual mode)
    • Creation and extraction EBOOT. PBP (manual mode)
    • Creating ISO. BIN (manual mode)
    • Creating EDAT (manual mode)
    • Choice of three languages: French, English and Spanish
    • Customization of the UI

    Version 1.3 released today is characterized by the contribution of many changes, the most notable are rewriting the code and support the conversion of games PSP Remasters.

    New in this Version 1.3
    • Code completely rewritten.
    • Support the method "remaster" and can choose the MINIS2.TXT (for create, see minis2 examples.txt-file). Otherwise, the program uses the default options (see MINIS2.TXT)
    • Support for PBP.
    • New manual.
    • Checking size of the ISO, which must not exceed 1775861760 bytes.
    • Signing with ISO necessary. In automatic mode, the program will directly but not on the original ISO. In manual mode, you are asked whether you want to sign up or not, if yes, it is possible to choose the path of the new ISO (it is possible to resume the original ISO).
    • For manual mode, creating images to the required size, with visual and save wherever you want (except for PIC0.PNG if it does not exceed the MAX (1000x560) dimension. If it exceeds the MAX size, then it will be resized the MAX size). Supported formats are: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF.
    • Ability to add and ICON1.PAM SND0.AT3.

    PS3 Tools Collection 2.3.5 by aldostools

    Important Note: Windows Unicode should be using English locale and VB5 Runtime must be installed. Tools Included:
    • PS3 Game Updates
    • PS3 Game Database
    • PS3Rip
    • Create PS3_EXTRA
    • PS3 Game Intergrity
    • PKG ContentID
    • PKGView
    • PuPView
    • Param SFO Editor
    • PS3 File Splitter
    • PS3 DISC SFB edit
    • GetConsoleID
    • Fat32format

    Cheats and Saves:
    • Bruteforce Save
    • BSD Patch Creator
    • PS3 Cheat Editor
    • PS1 Memory Card Manager
    • HxD

    Bruteforce Tools:
    • Bruteforce Klicensee
    • Bruteforce Dev Klicensee
    • Edat Toll GUI
    • Scetool GUI

    Conversion Tools:
    • PS2 Classic GUI
    • Edat Tool GUI
    • UMDGen
    • PKG Viewer
    • PBP Unpacker
    • PSP2PS3 GUI

    Remote Access:
    • PS3 Ftp Client
    • PS3FtpDataSync
    • PS3 NET Server
    • mmRAs server
    • mmRAS

    multiMAN Tools:
    • lastGAME Customuzer
    • Game Settings Manager
    • mmTM GUI
    • PS3 Cover Uploader
    • DEX Tools: DEX Game Mounter

    PS3 Bruteforce Save Data 3.8.5

    It's a frontend for flatz save data tools 0.2.3. It finds the keys of several games in seconds and let you resign your saved games and trophies. A wide selection of cheats for 410 titles is also available ready to be applied to the saves.

    Features: Resign trophies or saves, preview images of trophies, direct FTP download/Upload saves or trophies from/to PS3, unlock saves/trophies to work on any PS3 account, unlock saves/trophies with FAKE account id, added support for Game Genie cheats, fixed issue with patch SFO, improved load time. Multiple saves can be resigned in a single step. Direct update of the repository of cheats from Patch Creator 1.3.1 plugin to assist in the creation of save patches.

    New in this version: Fixed a bug recompressing files using packzip. Added settings for selection of recompression method.

    TIP: After you resign and replace your trophies, it is required to Rebuild Database through Recovery Menu, and launch a game that will do "Sync Trophies" on it's startup in order to get the trophies working properly.

    Special thanks to flatz, Alex at CMP, skillerCMP, gingerbread, zeick, butnut, acab, Petar, Dreamcat4 and many others

    PSP2PS3 1.8.1 Mod

    Based on the awesome scripts created by szczuru, and the tools created by Pink1, arnold (swapperneger), zecoxao, tpu, doobz, sandungas among others devs. This "mod" tries to streamline the process of conversion of PKG / ISO / CSO / PBP to PSP package for PS3. Latest versions include a GUI and improved compatibility.

    Changes in v1.8.1:
    • Added mapping of d-pad arrows to right analog stick in MINIS2.TXT for PSP Remasters (thanks to lex3a for the tip).
    • Includes a patched version of PSPtoPS3-b22 by Doobz (fixes type and a complain about version in SFO).

    Changes in v1.8.0:
    • Added support for PSP Remasters. Thanks to doobz (See also: PSPtoPS3-b22 above)

    PS3 Edat Tool GUI 1.0

    It's a revamped and easy to use GUI for the command line EdatTool recently released. Now you can resign your Edats in an easy way.

    Note: Some edats require a Dev Klic that can be obtained using Bruteforce Edat.

    PS3 Cheats Editor 3.0

    Edits the cheats database for ps3usercheat (st.dat). Allows export/import cheats to the database in text and binary formats. 3.55 CFW is required.

    Now the cheats compatible with the EBOOT hack can be identified easily. This version includes a cheats database for 557 games compiled by gingerbread at ps3hax and a link to his discussion thread. Thanks to SkillerCMP now the EBOOT patcher supports code type: 0T00 (8bit), 1T00 (16bit), 2T00 (32bit), 4T00 (Serial codes), 5T00 (Copy codes)

    New features: Creation of PKG for patched EBOOTs, improved tagging for cheats compatibility with EBOOT patch, updated the cheat database with gingerbread's update containing 560 games, fixed issue with version numbers and creation of PKG for disc EBOOTs. Update the database directly from

    Special thanks to skillerCMP, gingerbread, BahumatLord, haxxxen and bungholio for the tutorial about converting CU codes.

    PS3 Covers Uploader 1.01

    This is a specialized FTP client that auto-converts any image (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF) to the proper cover size of 260x300 used by multiMAN, and auto-upload it as JPG to the proper covers path. Supports: drag & drop of multiple files, browse dialog, copy & paste image or URL from clipboard.

    Note: Use multiMAN as FTP Server. It's a great companion for Tidy CoverAgent.

    Download: Tidy CoverAgent V1.2 by superfurry

    What is Tidy CoverAgent?

    Tidy CoverAgent is a tool that lets you find the latest Ps3/Wii/WiiU/Gamecube/Xbox cover art work , that you can print out , collect or use in loaders such as MultiMan. Just enter game code and let it find what your looking for. Also you can can now download roms and there original box art work

    Change Log v1.2:

    Added - Update System
    Added - Download retro roms for various systems ( You should own the original game to use the roms )
    Added - Now find XBOX covers (Requested)
    Fixed - Better scans of harddrives
    Fixed - Better speeds


    Update: USBPSPCommunicationDriver is used to connect PSP with PS2/PS3.

    How it start:

    1. load flash0:/kd/usbpspcm.prx
    2. call sceUsbStart(PSP_USBBUS_DRIVERNAME, 0, 0);
    3. call sceUsbStart("USBPSPCommunicationDriver", TITLE_LEN, TITLE);
    4. call sceUsbActivate(0x1CB);

    I wrote this code with the information, and it worked. Test it and report!

    2nd Release: USBPSPCM_TEST2.ZIP

    • 2nd Release: Added exit code.
    • Added disconnect detect thread.

    [imglink=|Video: PSP2PS3 v1.8.1 CEX / DEX, PSPtoPS3 GUI B22 & More PS3 Tools][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: PSP2PS3 v1.8.1 CEX / DEX, PSPtoPS3 GUI B22 & More PS3 Tools][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: PSP2PS3 v1.8.1 CEX / DEX, PSPtoPS3 GUI B22 & More PS3 Tools][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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