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Thread: Running Backup Manager Backups with Debug PS3?

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    JailCenterKZ Guest

    Running Backup Manager Backups with Debug PS3?

    So, my PS3 TEST unit has arrived! I'm so happy now, but.. it seems we can't launch backups with ease.

    So, I made a backup with patched backup manager, what should I exactly do after that? I have read a tutorial, however, I have already have tons of backup manager backups (made with jb). Then can I decrypt EBOOT.BIN directly in these backups and try to load via patched BM?

    Please give me some clues.

    And I'm a little bit dissapointed, because its impossible to launch games without exploit for now.


    Is there any way to even run jb device on 3.15 debug firmware?

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    luix Guest
    you can only run backups from pc, internal hdd or through bd-emu.

    running backups from pc is described here:

    from internal hdd is not easy i think, i didn't try this yet. i always use/used the bd image generator and run backups with bd-emu.

    but all this ways don't support many games, and you always have to have the debug eboot.bin and you have to edit this.

    hopefully we get jb support or a similar solution, also think that for example medal of honor needs fw 3.42 also on the test unit, and the newest debug fw leaked is 3.20 or 3.21 so you can not run backups from newer games or the original. sad but true.


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    JailCenterKZ Guest

    the backups made with sdk (without patching) and via backup manager are not identical?

    We can imagine only eboot and self compilation through sdk on BM backups already transferred via FTP to internal PS3 TEST HDD. And what about 3.15 psgroove? Anyone tried it at debug fw 3.15? If it works then we can use exploit here as well.

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    So Solid Jedi Guest
    We need a jailbreak for Test/Debug units.

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    JailCenterKZ Guest
    Is there psgroove payload for 3.40/3.41 debug fw compiled by RichDevX, isn't it? There is also a ported psgroove for 3.15 fw, is this one work at all?

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    pasky Guest
    That only adds peek and poke to debugs.

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    luix Guest
    Can someone please help us test/debug unit useres with a correct .hex file for a e.g. AT90USB1287 usb-stick?? is there one available?

    is it possible to use a dongle in a test unit with debug fw 3.15? and what is with a correct backup manager. i just found backup manager 1.1 wich works fine, but wont load games without dongle.

    please can someone bring light in this dark sector?



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    JailCenterKZ Guest
    Unfortunately, I have tried to load kakaroto's hex for fw 3.15, but it don't work on debug machine fw 3.15.

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    shummyr Guest
    You need to decrypt the Eboot to make it void of disc and file protection and you shall not have a problem getting backups to run

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    paunasnalgas Guest


    anyone have HEX file to work on ps3 debug with fw 3.15 debug... ?

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