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Thread: Rumor: x3JailBreak PS JailBreak Clone Fake, PS3Key Mod Arrives

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    Osirisx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cirojr View Post
    I can see by the pixels that you didn't get my joke.
    sorry wasn't meant to quote you, i was refering to the other guy akrondav..

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    axpk95 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Possibly, I was thinking the same thing HERE!
    theres so many posts i got lost and posted that on the first thread i was reading lol

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    axpk95 Guest
    why has that guy not replied yet... another troll ??

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    Raze1988 Guest
    HadesTeam said they are getting a PS3JB. Is CJPC working with them (since DH has his own subforum here) on the "free solution"?

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    cirojr Guest
    well, we can come back to the topic. The guy said that he could prove PSJB is a standard pendrive and ofcourse without pic, nobody can believe it. There's no troll here friend.

    But if someone is gonna post something like this, its better bring proofs together... otherway it'll become a mess.

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    clouduzz Guest
    I'll most likely get a clone until the "free" method comes along (if it ever does) B/c at the price of PSJB if the clone does the same thing and is reliable that's the way I'm going.

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    axpk95 Guest
    i hope he has the files so we all can try for ourselves but i seriously doubt he has anything, hours have passed no pic no screenshot no info

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    FirebirdTA01 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by OGroteKoning View Post
    Please send your findings of 3d acceleration to the devs.
    The devs are already, to the best of my knowledge, aware of the mesa driver. All I did was tweak it a little, add some code and edit the source to get it working at a little more of an acceptable level. They have, for the most part, just as much coding ability and probably more than I.

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    tonybologna Guest
    I've been told by someone with inside information that the PS3Key will not be available til October!

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    puksa Guest
    So whats use of it? O_o Chinese can produce tons of different clones for $2 per kilogram till October!..

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