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    I think it will stop access to psn but someone could add some code to a cfw that can upload the stats to a fake server or make the ps3 think it has sent the stats or whatever it sends.

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    PSN ban I suppose isn't that much of a biggie for me since I hardly play Online Games and the only full game i ever downloaded was Wipeout Fury. I'd still be annoyed though...

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    I can confirm this cuts psn access so not much different than simply pulling the cable or setting a manual ip with no gateway.

    This idea seams feasible though, i think that the best thing would be for the backup managers to simply report some random game from a list instead of showing the backup manager name lol Don't really know how that works but if this is the only way for them to know a backup manager has been used then it seems pretty easy to defeat.

    Another way would be to figure out which of those connections actually send the "last played" information and block that, although that can easily be changed by Sony in an upcoming update.

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