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Thread: Rumor: Sony PS3 Blu-ray Drive Emulation PCB in Development

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    Rumor: Sony PS3 Blu-ray Drive Emulation PCB in Development

    Today we received word from Dutch site (ConsoleWinkel) of a rumor that a Sony PS3 Blu-ray drive emulation PCB is currently in development which will allow users to unlock their PlayStation 3 console without the use of Custom Firmware or dongles.

    Reportedly they have been in contact with who stated a team (possibly the Wasabi or Drivekey team) is working on the PS3 Blu-ray drive emulation PCB that is slated for release later this year.

    They have also speculated via e-mail that the project has been kept under tight wraps due to Sony being unable to stop this new PS3 hack via Firmware updates, meaning once it becomes public Sony's legal team will be on the warpath in full force.

    Below are some concept pictures (not actual finished product pictures) from their site and the details, roughly translated as follows:

    "PlayStation 3 drive emulation

    No hacking, no flashing, no modding. Emulation is the future. A team is currently working on a new hack for the PlayStation 3.

    The Blu-ray player, Sony's PCB has been cracked and costs can thus be gekloont. The team probably Wasabi or Wiikey team is currently working on this for the board to connect to an external HDD.

    This can be downloaded games played as Wasabi360 and Xkey for the XBox 360.

    A major retailer in China has also indicated that this year is released."

    Finally, China Distribution has replied to an e-mail from hitman43 (via as follows:

    "Zitat: Hi,

    i didn't know anything about this product, i don't know why people ARE thinking we are behind this device,



    It is unknown whether the person responding is unaware of the rumored PS3 Blu-ray drive emulation PCB in development, or if they are simply attempting to keep things quiet and avoid any legal hassles from Sony... only time will tell for sure.

    [imglink=|Rumor: Sony PS3 Blu-ray Drive Emulation PCB in Development][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Rumor: Sony PS3 Blu-ray Drive Emulation PCB in Development][/imglink]
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    djluiluv Guest
    omg yes!!!!!!!

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    Nightbird Guest
    Looks to me like an old IDE drive with a sata adapter.

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    Dizzny Guest
    I count 2 drives? one on top and one on the left? This would be interesting if they get it to work, but man I'd hate to have all that extra stuff hanging outside of my ps3.... My 2 year old would have a field day with that.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I'm surprised this hasn't come first and CFW/Jailbreaking later. I wonder if this will work with PSN. Anyways thanks for the news boss, it's always good having something you're looking forward to.

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    cvp Guest
    lol plp. The picture are fake because i see only a Fat PS3 with an IDE HDD + IDE to SATA Converter to use IDE on Sata, nothing more!

    First picture only a external HDD and a usb dongle or usb stick. Sorry, i believe it if i see in a video. Sony can't patch this? Why? You can conntect this "hardware" over the internal HDD Sata? And then? We see two BD Icons on the PS3 ? yeah of course. If this is possible, than sony will patch it... i see only a fake.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Yeah, it's just a rumor for now. I don't think there is any need to start the "fake" war now.

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    Transient Guest
    Well I think cvp makes a good point. If the photos are supposed to be depicting this new BD emulator then something is very wrong. It's possible that the pics are just there for filler.

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    That's my take on it also, the pics are just random filler ones at the moment... I did hear about this from another source (besides the one in the article) but couldn't mention it until someone else leaked it out first so I definitely don't believe it's fake, however only time will tell and everyone is entitled to their own opinion on it's validity of course.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    The PS3 is at the end of it's life, so if this is true... about time. I'm blown away that they've managed to delay the next consoles until winter 2013.

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