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    Jan 2011

    cfwprophet How's the pace in the underground right now? I'm curious since in public side, there is almost nothing to tell if there is good progress, no progress, or maybe dead ends. Just wondering if I should expect Liberation Day to happen sometime before ... this Christmas? ^^

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    Jan 2011

    prohpet, atm its the only shown hope for people who wants to play there games from hdd. i am waiting since months for a cfw, or other things to play my games from a hdd.

    if this is real, and will lead to the point that i can place all my games on a hdd. i will use it. if there will be a custom firmware faster then this, i will check it and use it.

    whatever comes first, to solve my problems, i will use it. but for real, many people saying many things, and you are a person who is legit to his words. but i don't see much from you all. but these china dudes, are crazy, many things like this dongle and so one, are coming from these freaks. so my opinion about it, is "this is real, no fake".

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    It is 100% fake, in the picture you can see a simple SATA to PATA converter. Has no sense for this project use a PATA HD. Also the a small single chip as in the picture is too small for emulate completely a BD subsystem, at least we need a external RAM and FLASH to be done.

    In any case in theory this solution, as the WODE DVD emulation will be possible, but it need that the protection system will be emulate too. Due the protection system is not known, is not possible to create an emulator that emulate BD with protection subsystem. Need more road...

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    those are concept pictures...

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    Arrow Rumor: 3K3y - PS3Key (ODD) XKey for PS3 Consoles is Incoming

    Following up on the previous Blu-ray drive emulation rumor, today modrobert has announced that 3K3y, a PS3Key (ODD) - essentially an XKey for PS3 - is incoming shortly with some preliminary details outlined below.

    Still can't get too excited at requiring additional hardware to play PS3 games with the advent of PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware a few years ago though.

    To quote from EurAsia (linked above): I just got word from a well known team that will make PS3 owners happy!

    Watching the video and drooling!! With those few words I hope to keep you interested...

    Below is a picture (via as well.

    More info while waiting for the video: In order to retrieve the needed BD drive key, Team 3k3y (aka xk3y) will release a PS3 software tool which requires CFW 3.55, after the key is dumped the PS3 can be upgraded to latest official system update (firmware/XMB) to get PSN etc.

    The team is exploring other options to dump the required key as well, more on that later.

    I'm relatively sure it does support original discs as well, but will confirm it anyway. Pretty much same functionality as xkey.

    For now, any PS3 model that can be downgraded to CFW 3.55 will be supported, this is only to retrieve the Blu-ray drive key, after that you can update as you want.

    The 3k3y Team is researching other options to dump the required key as well, more on that later. For now you have to downgrade to (or be on) CFW 3.55 in order to get the unique BD drive key required by 3k3y, once you have the key the PS3 can be updated anyway you want, doesn't matter for 3key.

    General tech info about 3k3y which is true for xkey as well:

    The 3k3y hardware device is an advanced Optical Disc Drive (ODD) emulator, it does not rely on any software based hacks to operate (once the drive key is known).

    The device is connected on the SATA (PATA) bus in the PS3, like this; cable from PS3 goes into 3key, cable to BD drive goes out from 3k3y, in other words 3k3y physically sits between the drive and the PS3 mainboard and offers USB 2.0 port to connect hard drive(s). Games residing on the connected hard drive(s) can be selected using a small remote display with buttons (as seen in the photo linked a few posts up reading "PS3" in white characters on the display).

    For the PS3 this device appears as a legit BD drive, and replies to any ATA protocol requests/commands the same way the original drive does. The BD drive key which is unique in each PS3 makes it possible for 3k3y to decrypt/encrypt data on the fly and redirect SATA traffic originally on disc media from the hard drive connected via USB 2.0 instead. No original Blu-ray disc needs to be inserted for operation, you can use this without any disc in the drive.

    Again, this makes it possible to use any official firmware (XMB) version you want after installation (and key retrieval). No need for software hacks like CFW or DEX to make this work at all. If the original game requires firmware (XMB) 4.25, then go ahead and update, just like you would if the system was completely original (virgin).

    I hope this clears up any misunderstandings what 3k3y does, or what it requires.

    If the CFW you use can load games on Blu-Ray from the BD drive today, then it will be able to do that from hard drive with 3k3y installed as well.

    However, to my knowledge the Blu-ray Disc (BD) drive is not used with CFW, original game disc can be mounted for compatibility, but games are actually loaded from a hard drive connected to the USB port on PS3 or from the internal hard drive.

    Simply put, whatever fails with the installed CFW will fail with 3key as well. That's the reason it is kind of pointless to use 3k3y with CFW, but makes a lot of sense to use OFW.

    In summary:
    • The team for now is only releasing one picture regarding 3K3Y, but are hoping for an end of the year release.
    • It is full hardware interface, not a dongle, but currently you need CFW v3.55 to dump the BD drive key, after that you can update.
    • It will be complete ODD Blu-ray emulator, allowing even the feature to rip your original PS3 game discs to your external HDD.
    • Due to the nature of design, you will be required to open your PS3 to install it, but NO SOLDERING is needed.
    • More info will be release later, but for now any more pictures and videos are PRIVATE and been shown only to trusted long-time resellers.
    • In order to retrieve the needed BD drive key, Team 3k3y (aka xk3y) will release a PS3 util which requires CFW 3.55, after the key is dumped the PS3 can be upgraded to latest official system update (firmware/XMB) to get PSN etc. The team is exploring other options to dump the required key as well, more on that later.

    Update: Below is a minor timeline update, as follows:

    [21/10/12] 3k3y key dumper app! (pictured below)

    Finally from bubba: You will need do some soldering with this ODE... If You want to get the keys from 4.31. SATA bus level For 25xx and newer models will need to be solder and to get the keys and play backups.

    Rumor: 3K3y - PS3Key (ODD) XKey for PS3 Consoles is Incoming

    Rumor: 3K3y - PS3Key (ODD) XKey for PS3 Consoles is Incoming

    Rumor: 3K3y - PS3Key (ODD) XKey for PS3 Consoles is Incoming

    More PlayStation 3 News...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    617163_480884695277414_821030981_o.jpg   185104_485951591437391_1490016289_n.jpg  

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    Oooo interesting.

    WODE for PS3! (PODE?!) Seem to remember this being discussed years back.

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    Jun 2007

    I don't know if I'm being overly paranoid or anything, but couldn't Sony detect and disable this even if it got the proper drive key?

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    I'm glad to see something on the optical drive side of things, but it sucks to see a paid device come before a DIY solution. Still will be interesting to watch.

    Anyone with technical expertise know if it would be possible for Sony to release an update that changes the working drive key to render this useless?

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    Could someone explain in two or 3 lines what is this? And what it is for?


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    Its a shame that PS3 with OFW 3.6+ from factory are not supported yet. Hope this change in the coming days...


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