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  1. #21
    niwakun Guest
    this is what i'm looking for! X360 key on your PS3

    But for now it's still a dream as this news is still flagged as rumor

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    I, like others have said, think the photo's leave a lot to be desired (looks like the early PS3 drive bay adapter plate + IDE->Sata drive.

    It was said a LONG time ago that an optical emulator would be great.maybe it's just taken this long because of the layers of encryption (pcb with decryption built in?)

    - can anyone say "PODE Jukebox" ? hehe

    Would be nice if true (would like to update my firmware, but don't want to loose (any more) functionality!

  3. #23
    damox Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PSPSwampy View Post
    I, like others have said, think the photo's leave a lot to be desired (looks like the early PS3 drive bay adapter plate + IDE->Sata drive.
    Do any of you people read?

    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    That's my take on it also, the pics are just random filler ones at the moment...

  4. #24
    niwakun Guest
    hmm, thinking that BD-Rom have a updateable firmware, I think patching the thing will mostly render this BD-emulator useless.

    Unless they done something on it that even firmware update cant patch it.

  5. #25
    PSPSwampy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by damox View Post
    Do any of you people read?
    Gotta say that's just plain rude - you would think a fellow senior member would have a bit more respect! "You people" when singling out my post?

    Well actually YES I do read (as is fairly obvious from my post). The fact that I (and I really must apologise for this) did not mention that the images were "filler"s is irrelevant because as has been mentioned this is still RUMOUR anyway (albeit rumour with a little more weight to it than usual thanks to PS3NEWS)

    Nice to see my previous contribution was at least appreciated by PS3NEWS even if you (damox) didn't like it.

  6. #26
    fernan1234 Guest
    This will be huge if it turns out to be real.

  7. #27
    moja Guest
    If this turned out to be true, my disdain for the scene would return to delight. Perhaps now is a better time with the PS4 entering development - maybe Sony is concentrating elsewhere now?

    Bah, probably not. With the business rumors of Sony being in a bit of turmoil, they'll try to squash this one too. Hope it comes out.

  8. #28
    elser1 Guest
    thanks for that was wondering what it meant.. wonder when we will know more?

  9. #29
    saviour07 Guest
    No problem Yeah I wonder when we will know more too? As niwakun already mentioned, the BD drive has updatable FW and so I also wonder how this board would handle that (if it does handle it at all!).

    One thing that I find interesting is that they say they wanted to keep this project quiet because Sony can't patch it and so the legal team would "be all over it" once it is released... sooooo why keep it quiet in the first place? I'm only asking because Sony's legal team having prior knowledge to it's existence wouldn't make that much of an impact unless they know exactly where it will eventually be produced or sold.

    They would still have to take the same steps necessary to prevent the sale of it after it is released irrespective of prior knowledge so I don't see a problem with more info being released about it's functionality and pricing etc. (Just not info about the associated manufacturer or retailers!)

  10. #30
    cfwprophet Guest
    No Hacking and No CFW needed, emulation is the future ? Yea but just for pirating games. No benefit of homebrew or something like that. And by the way bootloader exploit is already in work same as now some dev's asked team ac1d to hold back the cex2dex tool. Anyway so we have more time to work on other things and the scene is finally again working together, even if it is underground and not in public but real good and great things will be coming this year. Till this bd emu chip is out it will be overpriced crap.

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