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    Registered User BigWheel's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tepoo View Post
    nice step from sony.

    but its okay, if people wanna play a game online, they should buy it. piracy is bad enough. if those people have the same options like a person who buy the game, the world would get sad.

    i for myself, accept it, because every game i wanna play online, i buy at the store, because game who are worth to pla online, are worth the money.
    That are my exact thoughts on the issue too. I use the hombrew stuff to bring back memories and use the emulators form back in my childhood days hahahahaha, but i agree we should have an option to copy games to hd and use it on 2 consoles in the household... we should not have to buy 2 copies.

    If you want to play on line do it legally... what you do offline with the system... should be your choice...
    Last edited by BigWheel; 01-20-2011 at 08:30 AM

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    I know Sony has done some stupid things, but this would really take the cake.

    They'd be combatting the entire game rental and used game industry like this. Not to mention screwing over every single person who doesn't go online with their PS3.

    I'm not sure if a law suit would come, but in this day and age, I wouldn't doubt we'd see some kind of class action suit over it.

    There's reasonable, then there's just idiotic.

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    So we just have to create a keygenerator...

    It's really a stupid thing trying this way.

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    Well I hope they make it a living nightmare for anyone trying to go online with a pirated/hacked game.

    Basically Sony would probably make it so you can play offline with no type of online registration or any keys.

    BUT, one you try and go online, they could make you punch in a key and download some type of integrity app that runs in the background.

    Essentially they need to make a system that is almost transparent to the typical end user but a huge pain for people looking to ruin online gaming by cheating.

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    Keygens are nice but on pc they never got you online you always needed a LEGIT key, anyway if i was SONY all i would do is make PSN PAY TO PLAY. Like the old coin Ops in a way. I would make the user link a credit card with the psn account and charge a quarter or something for every online gaming session, remember those days of insert coins to continue?

    Can you imagine after every round of black ops you'll have to pay another 25 cents? that would be so cool since everyone is *itchin about the real reason is to play old school games/emulators, fine then insert coin *itches haha.

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    and what about those peoples who lives in a country where no PSN available? i'm living in Hungary, and when i've tried to activate the NFS: HP i had to create a UK account. when i try to buy something from PSN then i cannot do it, 'cause the country is not matching with my credit card / address. so i can buy anything when i buy a PSN card.

    so this, what you wrote means for me: you're not living in a PSN ready country? then you will not play online.

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    i like the serial-thing but the 5-times-only is a no go and it should only limited to 1 person at a time with the same serial! so we still could buy and sell used games and it would still fight multiplayer "piracy"...

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    Egh most of you guys are pirates judging from what your all saying. As a small time developer I hate pirates, you are all very bad people. I don't make games but it still costs me thousands of pounds from people pirating my work.

    You are ruining it for everyone else, cheaters online, trophy unlocks and now pre-owned games that might not work if it has had to many previous owners.

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    Wouldn't this make renting games impossible? This would drop video stores game renting to none for the PS3. If this was introduced, it would make people have to buy the games before they could decide if they like them. I, myself, rent games before I buy them. I know many more people who also do this.

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    LOL you're are not fooling anyone, if you think sony is online reading your little BS post as if they would sympathize with you and not ban you, you are a pirate just like everyone else is. otherwise you would not be here.

    and why all of a sudden its full of pirates, when the psp was hacked this site posted news about that, the ds as well, who are you foolin? now all of a sudden its full of pirates lmao, parlay matey parlay.


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