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Thread: Rumor: Sony to Combat PS3 Piracy with Blu-ray Disc Serial Keys

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    barrybarryk Guest
    i call shenannigans on this one, either the code is stored online and you'll need an internet connection to activate the game (unlikely) or every disc would have to be different (with the disc storing acceptable keys on it) and the cost would be huge. Not to mention the end of 2nd hand stores.

    Just not feasible.

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    MrZANE Guest

    Exclamation Blu ray unique media id possible!?

    Have a look at:

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    rdurbin Guest
    it seems like it would be hard for them to burn/stamp/whatever each disc differently to have a different code on each one. If anything they will probably do similar to what companies are doing to play online and require you to enter a code that comes with the game that is tied to your account and can only be used once. Since PSN allows you to have 5 ps3 linked to one psn account that is probably where the 5 is coming from.

    My guess is they do the exact same thing they been doing for PSN games except now doing it for ps3. Yes this will require people to be online to activate their game, but PC games have been doing that for a while and games like everquest and world of warcraft have been doing that since the beginning.

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    TheKeiron Guest
    I reckon its also a ploy to stop people selling their games to game shops for them to resell, game shops make a crap loada money from pre-owned games and developers and sony alike don't see a single penny of it - I think this scares them more than piracy.

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    iakler Guest
    "From a very reliable source (SKFU) we have heard a striking new feature of the PS3..."
    SKFU... a reliable source??

    In fact nothing he said or claimed in the past was true.

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    Jes03 Guest

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    EXACTLY! SKFU is full of crap so why believe anything he says.

    I can't see them doing that. Serial numbers don't stop PC pirates so why is it a good idea for consoles?

    It's a big waste of time for $ony to do this but think about it, its $ony and they love to waste money so its probably true. BUT its from SKFU so its bs.

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    Apr 2005
    I'm not sure what SKFU told Roy but based on the article alone, not too much, unless there isn't much more to tell yet.

    I did find it odd that SKFU's blog doesn't mention this, unless he just told Roy who posted it as an "exclusive" on their Dutch site.

    I will have CJPC see if SKFU is around later today to try to get some more details on the "three unknown input fields" mentioned and why SKFU believes this is the direction Sony plans to go in.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    I just don't see it as a realistic solution, you could have a code that activates the online multiplayer by linking it to a PSN account but that does nothing about games currently released as it can't be retrofitted. And won't stop people copying games for offline play because sony can't make people activate games online that don't have the internet.

    I still just expect to see a straight forward PSN ban on consoles in the coming weeks.

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    Realee Guest
    It simply wouldn't be cost effective AND it would encourage further cracking of the system(s) in place.

    The more Sony tries to lock the software, the greater the benefit for "hacker groups" to open the locks. It started back a 3.15 with OtherOS, it broke out in the last month or so and it's only going to keep getting bigger.

    Not to mention how it'll stuff the users as mentioned above (No Internet users etc..)

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I say BS !! First Wii games also have a Burst Cuting area and maybe some one know... we beat them up and found the keys on disk in hex

    After that we patched into a other offset or saved the value into a .bin and used the BL to load and read this custom offset for BCA code or coded the bl to load the .bin and patch the BCA data on the fly into the .dol.

    And if i need a key to activate then i use the key that the uploader hase provided, activate the game, play it offline and never let the console go online.Buy a cheap new one and use it to play online

    So what they want to do to stop me playing shitty games without paying it ?? NOTHING !!

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