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    Just more worsening of usability for licensed game players.

    However, EA is already using codes for online gaming, so not so much new this time.

    Hopefully all this extra fumbling will give us possibility to use homemade video players (+emulators & other homemade stuff) + still possibility to play official games online (maybe even from HDD, as long as we have the product code).

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    Quote Originally Posted by serath View Post
    I call bogus. If not bogus, then at least useless. That would mean that EVERY ps3 needs a high speed Internet connection just to play a game. What about those ps3 owners without Internet access? And let's not forget that with the custom firmware abilities, it would be quite possible for devs to examine the contents of the disc and extract the key. Or patch so any key is accepted. that solution would be inevitable for any offline ps3 backups.

    As for connecting to psn, how about random software keygen? Or spoofing a registered ps3's system ID? Some of this may be difficult but not impossible. The ps3 is more wide open and capable than the original xbox was, and look at all that was possible there! All that could be done was a ban from xbox live. I'm sure disc serial keys will pose no threat.
    Remember, this is SONY we are talking about... if this happens, then its just gonna screw themselves like they did with the PSPGo, Sony isn't the smartest when it comes to decisions. It's actually a miracle they are still in business with all their failures…PSPGo, Betamax, Minidisc, and all the lawsuits they've lost. But I do think this is ridiculous. It's gonna cause ALOT of problems with used game stores, but even then, serial numbers aren't going to "fix" anything.

    Look at Windows XP, the FCKGW-…. # is EVERYWHERE…the Phantasy Star Online game for Dreamcast has a universal code as well. There will just be KeyGens, there isn't anything that can be done to STOP piracy, maybe slow it down, but not STOP it. If they do this.

    Someone will figure out a way to hack the system to not even check for the serial #s, this will be the worst decision Sony will have made for the PS3 screwing EVERYONE over and not just pirates. Screws game companies, people w/o broadband internet, people that just want to get a game system and play games with having the benefits of a blu-ray player. Sony has already stripped out enough useful features of the PS3, why add a USELESS one….

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    ummmm what about rentals. Is sony going to torpedo the whole game rental industry?

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    Completely destroy Gamefly? if there is a will there is a way a dev will bypass for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDRV500 View Post
    ummmm what about rentals. Is sony going to torpedo the whole game rental industry?
    From sony or ms point of view rental=piracy because your money don't go into their pockets.

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    people think about it, if they do this you basically can't rent games, so they affect the movie/game rental business. you also can't borrow games from family/friends (if you guys do that), and no support for people without internet, they are going to annoy people.

    low chance of it happening (I think) sorry for repeating a similar comment.

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    The "PC Scene" make off-line keygens for PC Games, Which can be gotten round easily and I agree about if you WANNA PLAY ON-LINE BUY THE GAME... Stops Cheaters and makes on-line gameplay a lot more fun without them... I have started saving for an ON-LINE PS3 I think you all should... and I am poorer than most.

    IF YOU OWNED YOUR BACKUP YOU'D HAVE A SERIAL RIGHT? I think they are going in the right direction here...

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    If this is true then this will also kill the used game market. Sony should reconsider this move!!

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    What happens like myself if you are in a DVD rental club and recieve PS3 games to play , how will I be able to play PS3 games , are Sony really going to put a stop to rental games and lose the royalties that I would imagine run into the millions ??

    cut off nose to spite face me thinks.

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    After reading all these replies, I think Sony's calling a bluff; if they truly stated this.

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