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Thread: Rumor: Sony to Combat PS3 Piracy with Blu-ray Disc Serial Keys

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    TroYIrving Guest
    This would KILL Gamestop's used games and all renting places like Gamefly, I don't think Sony would do such a thing, it's just... illogical.

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    SaveU Guest
    This would be great. This is an awesome alternative to being banned.

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    Aba Guest
    Deadspace 2 has Keys you need to register to enable multiplayer... Perhaps this is going to be a trend? (There also is free 48 hour)

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    hacktek Guest
    That crap has been implemented by all recent EA games with online play, that's their way of making you pay $10 more if you buy the game used.

    They ain't taking those $10 from me

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    ryan03rr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by superste2201 View Post
    Egh most of you guys are pirates judging from what your all saying. As a small time developer I hate pirates, you are all very bad people. I don't make games but it still costs me thousands of pounds from people pirating my work.

    You are ruining it for everyone else, cheaters online, trophy unlocks and now pre-owned games that might not work if it has had to many previous owners.
    i have never ever shoplifted, never stole something i wanted (good game movie ect.) stfu about us all being pirates... your programing must suck. cause if it was worth anything... you wouldn't have to deal with pirates. pirating = < 5% provable loss. i know... i wrote a paper for school about it.

    go ahead. argue with me!! i'm not going to check it... i just needed to tell off a whiny developer.

    p.s. the only reason valve got a dime from me was piracy... tried it... love it... bought it... NET LOSS = 0

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    PhuckEwe Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hickname View Post
    From sony or ms point of view rental=piracy because your money don't go into their pockets.
    Video stores buy games. Money goes in their pockets. Once a work around has been found and games aren't available to rent this will increase piracy.

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    nipsen Guest
    Publishers spending the kind of money on drm that dwarfs any single development project, or even a series of titles, has happened many times before.

    Knowing Sony, this is going to happen, it's going to be expensive, and we'll end up paying for it in new hidden costs and lack of services as usual.

    I suppose they could just, you know, sell the serial key. And tie the serial key to any form and shape of the content of the bd disk, but.. sorry, I'm imagining Sony would try to do something imaginative for once. Summimasen..

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    Soplox Guest


    what bout Marvel vs Capcom 3, it have the keys??

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    ps3 fan Guest
    yes, some games do have serials, such as smackdown vs. raw 2011 has a key to play online (if i remember right) but this concept will have the key for the entire game to be used. (what I understand).

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Soplox View Post
    what bout Marvel vs Capcom 3, it have the keys??
    What keys?

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