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Thread: Rumor: Sony to Combat PS3 Piracy with Blu-ray Disc Serial Keys

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    doorman Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xer0 View Post
    I expected this... it's already been tested with the recent Madden games.

    You can play single player/offline with the backup but to be able to access any online functionality you need to put a serial number in.

    Whoever says that the serial is going to be disc specific is full of it. Those rumors used to go around about PC games every few years and it was always BS. We'll see a movement to 100% DLC before we see disc specific serial numbers.
    Yeah the WWE game is like that too but that's because they are shifting to screw the used game market. They don't want people buying used games so they limit them with serials. The WWE game specifically references that if you bought it used, you can either do a 7 day trial or pay for the online functionality.

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    spy4561 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hickname View Post
    From sony or ms point of view rental=piracy because your money don't go into their pockets.
    That's really stupid way of thinking because the place where you rent from bought the game... So they are getting some of the money.

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    cazador64 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by fantasypower999 View Post
    if this is true, i wonder what will happen to game rentals.
    Not only game rentals, but what about companies like Gamestop?

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    juicebox9 Guest
    Fine by me, "Pay for online, pirate that shit for offline". I'm no hypocrite, I pirate crap from the net all the time, but I pay for the ones that prove useful.

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    Realee Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by juicebox9 View Post
    Fine by me, "Pay for online, pirate that shit for offline". I'm no hypocrite, I pirate crap from the net all the time, but I pay for the ones that prove useful.
    I'd be down with this as well. Currently I own all my games, but there's a store willing to loan me a copy for $5 a night - I'm sure once the CFW is stable across the board (Including Payload) I'll borrow one or two. I'd like to say I'll buy them after but I just don't know.

    Right now I'm enjoying the emulator more than the PS3 games!

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    Won't help anyone, just be one more reason to stick with non invasive DRM. This is and always will be un-justified non legal electronic wire tapping or non legal electronic spying. That is not legal here but $ony has been doing this for a long time.

    Hmmm maybe Geohot should sue based on slander and "highly illicit non authorized wire tapping or other means of digital privacy laws being broke" I won't buy any of these new games as with bioshock on computer and crysis warhead, the DRM screwed up too much!

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    Lance989 Guest
    That would bring an end to game rentals witch isnt happening. Maybe for mp only but yeah bs.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    They should use a combination of the Playstation Eye reading a card (like they do for "Eye of Judgement") and verifying that against the PSN service, with unique keys per game and different key crypto's per game firmware.

    If the game glitches it will prompt you to show the card again for verification of authenticity.

    Did I mention I'm all for removing pirates from PSN?

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    sikkush Guest
    now see sony can stop pirates if they wanted to and hackers all they would have to do is come out with a System band like the xbox has and that would be the end of ever thing but all they have is account banned which is nothing. now if they don't want games being hacked or downloaded then they should have the updates for the game read off the blu-ray dics and not off the hdd make so that the game has a chip or some kind of file that cant be look at but they won't.

    they are going to make it so every part of the game has to be installed of the dics so you can't copy you watch that means that its going take a lot longer to play and alot longer of waiting for just one part to install...

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    Skunkworks Guest
    This will slow down the rental industry even more!

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