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    dave11674 Guest

    Rumor: PSJailBreak Combatted via New PS3 Models & Encryption

    This weekend I heard from a good source (my guy in Oz Land) that Sony will be combatting the PSJailBreak with new PlayStation 3 models and PS3 HDD encryption.

    This is what he said, to quote: "I heard Sony is holding back new supply of consoles, as they are removing dev and debug modes. This means you cannot get consoles easily fixed in repair centres so no more extended warranties.


    He went on to state the following, to quote: "Additionally, it is rumoured, the new 320GB PS3's will have firmware loaded onto the HDD and encrypted in a way that you cannot do a DD copy to a new HDD, so no longer can you load a heap of games to your HDD as you will be locked to the one that was loaded retail."

    We have to wait and see now... M$ did the same with their consoles when we jtagged them, so I guess Sony can do the same with an update eh.


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    IHM Guest
    Jeeze i'm gonna get me a current slim in case my fat dies.

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    koncise Guest
    Couldn't this possibly be a sign that the current exploit isn't easily patched/fixed by a firmware update?

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    Greazy Guest
    I call BULL. But it doesn't matter to me I have 2 60 gigs ant 3 slim models. But like always once the flood gates are open and the water is pouring through its very hard to close if not impossible!

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    dinzy Guest
    This rumor does nothing but increase sales of systems if believed.

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    namdlo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by koncise View Post
    Couldn't this possibly be a sign that the current exploit isn't easily patched/fixed by a firmware update?
    I think this means that Sony isn't just trying to shut the door - they're bricking it shut.

    Just using a firmware upgrade leaves open the possiblity of custom firmware in the future.

    Sony is looking at every angle.

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    car247 Guest
    that sux dude, does that mean no more modding ?

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    Mbb Guest
    order your extra/first PS3 fast, before it is to late..

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    Warrorar Guest
    it's awsome. sony don't give up the fight.

    i think the war will be over when people are able to create 1:1 copys of the discs that the system himself dont recognize that its a backup. before sony will always be able to find backup games.

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    semitope Guest
    Hope i can still pick up a PS3 at a reasonable price if these changes are real..

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