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    al5911 Guest


    The day will come mate... patience is virtue.

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    snoekie Guest
    It is not impossible, just very improbable. That, or sony, or the hacker used a string compare instead of a regular compare. (Nintendo did that for their code, effectively shortening the key to 4 digits, making it brute forcable). A regular compare compares N digits of a string. A string compare compares either N digit or up to the first 0 (whichever comes first, because a 0 terminates a string, not a key).

    Take two values: (in byte values)

    1: 01 02 03 00 05 06 07 00
    2: 01 02 03 00 15 16 17 00

    A regular compare will not match these, but a string compare will.

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    Sayargh Guest
    I'll believe it when I see it. I think he's holding it back because he doesn't have anything.

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    Mbb Guest
    When he shows it, what can we do with that key (Let the jailbreak work on 3.50 or make a CFW)?

  5. #15
    Mantagtj Guest
    prepare for a 3.51 fw update then lol, dont think $$ony will be sitting on their thumbs thru this, they will be waiting and watching - beware the dark side LOL!!

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    Bishoff Guest
    True, but at least we get to play all these recent game releases requiring 3.50... not that we have a lot of good games since then however

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    Mbb Guest
    Well it will take a while till they released new games based on 3.51SDK, and there are some nice race games I want to play

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    datalogger Guest
    He didn't say he brute forced the entire file, he said he compiled a list of null terminated possible 'key sets' and processed those.

    From the blog:
    I didn’t use brute from 0 to FF^20. From the dumps I had made full of 20 byte arrays terminated by 00 I generated little more than 8,100,000 byte arrays of 20 bytes. That LIST was then transcended via the loop and located the correct key. Forget trying to bruteforce 255^20.. I would die before a key was found.
    I'm not saying he did or didn't find a key, just stating how he claims to have done it...

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    Bishoff Guest
    I'm seeing posts all over the place flaming this guy so bad, and it's a shame. I wish the scene would be a tad nicer to these guys. Same thing happened when someone in the 360 scene figured out how to play AC brotherhood and NFS HP using any drive firmware and doing a dash and game update in a certain order which bypasses the AP 2.5 checks, while installing the required Kinect dash.

    The guy posted in the forums and and there was a hundred pages of flaming and calling the poor guy an idiot until someone actually tried it and it worked. I was able to do the same process to my 360 and was playing the new games before the new LT flashes were released... and I don't even need to reflash due that exploit which was awesome.

    I don't think this guy would make such a ridiculous claim unless he has it, and it's perfectly plausible for him to not want to release it, being the way he is getting flamed, so be nice people. He'll dig his own grave if he is lying

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    Brenza Guest
    Too many important news, i'm so happy! =D

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