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  1. #851
    violato135 Guest
    Can I NOT use a dongle and jailbreak a ps3 without it???

  2. #852
    Brenza Guest
    You shouldn't have released it... now they'll fix the exploit! >.>

  3. #853
    StanSmith Guest
    So I used this and dumped 2 files from Ghost Recon FS. Now what?

    They aren't near the size of the eboot.bin so what are they good for?

  4. #854
    technodon Guest
    woah, this is great! wondering if it would be possible to make this a fself so it runs on debug 4.20 then you could boot a game and get a .elf

  5. #855
    StanSmith Guest
    Again, I have the 2 files. What do I do now? They aren't the eboot as they are both too small. Does this just dump memory or decrypt the eboot? I dont understand what its supposed to do and why its so good?

    BTW Here are the dumped files from TC Ghost Recon Future Soldier.


  6. #856
    mellss Guest
    Here are the dumped files from fifa 12:


    -dumpedboot.bin -> decrypt EBOOT.bin fifa 953 ko (original eboot 68 ko)
    -dumpedboot1.bin -> decrypt fifazf.elf 25 mo (original self 35 mo)

    It work fine, just let it to dump all memory (until hdd led is off)

    we have to increase size of dump uint64_t sizeelf = 25*1024*1024 ; -> uint64_t sizeelf = 35*1024*1024 ;

  7. #857
    imajei Guest


    Can you do ghost recon eboot? please

  8. #858
    StanSmith Guest
    I just tried V2 and it doesn't work.

    I load up Multiman, select Ghost Recon FS and it goes backt o XMB like normal.
    I try to run GRFS and it black screens and locks up.
    I reboot and load up multiman and it also black screens and locks up.
    I reboot WITHOUT the dongle and it finally loads MM.
    I copy the file over to the PC, convert from ELF to BIN, put it in GRFS folder.
    I reboot WITH the dongle. goto MM select GRFS go back to XMB.
    I run GRFS from DVD. It loads up Multiman.

    I tried this 3 times and each time its the dump of Multiman NOT GRFS. And the file DOESN'T go, 00, 01, 02 etc, there is only 1 file and its 00. At least v1 gave multiple files but I couldn't get GRFS to work without the tb patched files.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    True Blue PS3 Disc BCA Codes Leaked By OxweB, Deemed Useless

    Today /GriFFin reports that OxweB has apparently leaked the True Blue PS3 disc BCA codes (although curiously a source wasn't specified), however, they are now conveniently deemed useless as the DRM-infected USB dongle itself.

    To quote: When the True Blue dongle first launched last year, it was originally using 'special' blu-ray discs to play games, instead of just DRMencoded eboots on the HDD.

    But even after all the Paradox releases, there was a few games that only were available still on 'special' blu-ray discs. Over the course of last year, various groups try to figure out how to copy these discs, as they were sadly pirate stores that wish to sell them to their customers. Finally have much research the BD-Rom marks called 'BCA Codes' were figured out so they could by copied on normal blu-ray burner.

    And now an person by the name 'OxweB' has leaked them onto the 'net, as basically they are useless now, but still it is part of sad scene PS3 history!

    These are BCA codes off the TB discs (the barcode on the inner part of the disc).

    You to can read them off the disc yourself with a scanner or magnifying glass, they are in binary format (skinny line = 0, Fat line = 1). Binary to HEX and there you go, a code almost ready to be stamped on to a BD-R.

    *Note - It's not that simple for regular retail games as there is still the PIC Zone to contend with.
    **Note - I realize these aren't overly useful but it's information which is all worth it in the long run.


    [Register or Login to view code]

    DISGEA 4

    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Finally, in related news from GoD]oF[WaR (via nextgenupdate.com/forums/playstation-3-exploits-hacks/583397-bca.html#post4685403) to quote:

    I have done more research on BCA codes, they seem to be the new protection put on games, meaning with these values they can be cracked, and possibly pirated to even non-jailbroken systems.

    For those unaware, BCA is the new protection utilized in newer games and with a future editor you can have the BCA codes to use with the a loader which can patch games to run without the needed keys.

    There will be a patch released for each game, which is basically 64 bytes of BCA data in the form of a separate text file, that will come with the ISO file (this obviously only applies to scene releases)

    IF you have access to a retail copy of the game, then you can obtain the BCA code yourself to patch the game.

    Changelog, roughly translated:
    • New IOS 38 base. dev/mload with powerful features and EHCI driver based in interruptions and more stable
    • Support for DVD USB Devices: It can run only DVD backups from .iso (original don't work because DVD drivers don't support the Wii format). Remember you must insert a DVD to work at start the program.
    • Support for BCA datas. You can add it from .ISO offset 0x100 (64 bytes). If this area is filled with zeroes it use one BCA by default (NSMB compatible).
    • New ioctl 0xda function supported in dip_plugin and new option added for
    • DVD mode to read the BCA Datas from the original DVD
    • Support to load games from DVD with alternative DOL (press '2' without
    • USB device or press the DVD icon from the upper-right corner in the selection game screen)
    • Support for SD and USB FAT/FAT32: Now you can use cheats codes and loads alternative .dol from the USB 2.0 device (FAT partition is required)
    • Added alternative dol loader (now support for 5+ dols) for games as Red Steel and othrers (see readme.txt) , New error 002 patch and videomode autodetection patch (for PAL2NTSC, NTSC2PAL and NTSC2PAL60 (use F. PAL60 for this))
    • Added direct access for Dol Alternative selection
    • You can load differents ehcmodule.elf from sd:/apps/uloader/
    • Parental control added: by default the password is 00000 (the last 0 is the 'ENTER', so you can program as new password as XXXX0 ). You can change it from special menu pressing HOME. You can exits from the password box pressing B. Parental control list the last 8 games launched with date/time, enables the password box and fix a new password. Now 00000 disables the Parental Control
    • Support for covers (less than 200KB 160x224). You can download from internet or adquire covers from the curren tfolder in the SD automatically
    • Added one option to delete PNG icons/covers
    • Some bugs fixed (bug with no modchip game instal, for examplel)
    • Support for multiples WBFS partitions (max 4).
    • Possiblity to use the alternative cIOS 223 (only to launch games)
    • Added one option to rename games
    • Added one option to record the cheats selected from txt files
    • New usb code and more!

    The above thread gives information on BCA codes for the Wii, which could also apply to PS3 games in the same way. Meaning these BCA codes could lead to easily pirating games on all consoles who utilize the BCA algorithm.

    After further research, I am under the suspicion that these BCA codes are in fact a lead to playing pirated games (3.60+ games burned to BD/Launched via USB or external HDD - played on 3.55 WITHOUT CFW) possibly on current firmwares with a real developer at hand.

    Basically these BCA codes could lead to playing these burned ISO images on 3.55 (No CFW; without 3.60+ keys) and possibly current firmwares.

    The BCA codes that True Blue "leaked" are actually the codes to games that have been tested and work on 3.55 OFW. With the use of a new true blue dongle (JB2/Jailbreak2), games played off the BD without 3.60+ keys.

    The games that have been tested are the ones listed below;
    • Fifa 2012
    • Pes 2012
    • Driver san Fransisco
    • God of war Origin
    • X-men Destiny
    • Sniper ghost warrior

    Games that are in process of being tested;
    • Resistance 2
    • Disgaea 2
    • Batman Arkham City


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Video: PSN Back Online for PS3 3.55 TB CFW Using Spoof Method

    Below is a video from dantezteam (via twitter.com/dantezteam/status/244856386469638144) demonstrating what appears to be PSN back online for PS3 3.55 TB CFW using a ppoof method.

    The video shows today's date (September 9, 2012) with him downloading files from Sony's PS Store while being connected to PlayStation Network using a new PSN passphrase that has surfaced in encrypted and decrypted format (via ps3devwiki.com/wiki/Online_Connections#Online_Connections).

    3.55 / 3.56: saktdlMapxsbsghmq5dhlwrmtsicyijmzntqaLcpgd8ybbetdm sha=jm

    [Register or Login to view code]

    3.60 / 3.61 / 3.65 / 3.66: c4ce4023bd7e0345feeb0dca80caf487a03b4545a8230a5d41 fe9855

    3.70 / 3.72 / 3.73 / 3.74 / 4.00: f81c4c14a0cd2c2dc566a885136fd5b51ca847cbb70fcc296b 24ec20

    4.10 / 4.11: 0e444f4dbd92145de39ab5bff3a23071f9d44db7bcf13e8c45 5c81f1

    [Register or Login to view code]

    4.20 / 4.21: t2wSyoqasqb_wndpmdmbhputnokghlupgtpighyrsygfbmrsec tfkqOb

    [Register or Login to view code]

    From Twitter: TB dongle is not needed works on rebug or kmeaw etc .. The method is turn on fake plus go to store and buy plus free games

    From hellsing9: Games, PSTORE. (Someone signs out) Borderlands downloading. Closes PSSTORE.

    He is on DEX, uses FAKE PLUS and points the finger showing is ON with a CFW (according to him) 3.55 TB spoof.

    In short: He bought borderlands in the video via DEX with PLUS option ON... For me is just another attemp to troll or to give some life to TB, since he says he is using CFW TB 3.55 Spoof. And in the part description he says later I will add the Web.

    So he avoided so far any download link and surveys because he knows what happens next: youtube.com/user/dantezteam

    From dantezteam comes a FckPSN revision by Chinese developer Luckystar (via bbs.duowan.com/thread-28656355-1-1.html): http://www.multiupload.nl/40S5UPQYVH / http://www.putlocker.com/file/E62645DA4EE9339C (Mirror) / https://anonfiles.com/file/03cb21c25...9885fd2edfca51 (Mirror #2)

    Here is the upstreams and video for those interested: ustream.tv/recorded/25308408 and ustream.tv/recorded/25328218

    Finally, below is what redcfw claims is a real TB2 LV2 dump for those interested:

    Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/feuu9h

    ALL TB2LV2 DUMPs posted before were FAKE!! tb2.51 lv2 dumped on Mar 2012. folks, feel free to study it.

    some IDA list

    [Register or Login to view code]

    how to hook decKey?

    [Register or Login to view code]

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