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  1. #791
    Xyth Guest
    Wololo's thoughts are ridiculously nonsense. Who cares if TB team will change encryption scheme. They still want us to believe if someone hacks TB, there will be no more new games. This is the same logic if we share PS3 exploits they can patch it. Who cares if Sony of TB patch their exploits. Of caurse they'll patch it, it is their job to protect their property. But if you call yourself a scene developer you can always comeup wit a new solution. This is what makes a scene The Scene.

    These "It will lead to piracy" and "They can patch it" execuses are just a cover for their fear of Sony.

  2. #792
    elser1 Guest
    i'm a little confused (nothing new there) so does this mean with the pkg i can use a tb dongle once then instal pkg and no longer need dongle?

    that would be great if so and if someone would lend/hire me a dongle for a day.. LOL

  3. #793
    technodon Guest
    i never tested my dongle updater before release, anyone else tried it? cause puss in boots seems to be the only one game that works it just happened to be the one that i tried? maybe i should start playing the lottery? lol. maybe it has some significance in reverse engineering the dongle though?

  4. #794
    Xyth Guest
    TrueBlue (JB2) will stop production and another dongle will be released according to LighTake's site:

    True Blue JB2 was stop producing and a newest replace product will be released in July, please pay close attention to TB official site news update in recently days. Any questions just contact sales for help.

    A newer replace DRM dongle with build-in ndw function will be released July 20th.

    Q: Does the old TB dongle compatible with the new one?
    A: Yes! our supplier said the old TB will still get support on updating so that it can play new games as the new dongle. If there is a change, I will advance notice.

    Q: What's the name and function of the new dongle?
    A: It's still a mystery currently, I will update immediately if I heard something from our supplier.

    We have confirmed that the new dongle is still called True Blue (aka JB2 / TB), but it was changed new packaging and add more function in it. What's the new technical support? I am sorry we don't know currently except compatible with the old TB eboots.

  5. #795
    saito1234 Guest
    I'm afraid that if True Blue really releases a new dongle soon, they won't release any more eboot for the dongle, as it already has a lot of clones, and they probably want to sell more from their new dongle...

  6. #796
    hey69 Guest
    If it wasn't 60 bloody EURO maybe , and so would lots of other people i think

  7. #797
    elser1 Guest
    I'm sure they've made enough ten times over considering its not their games they are allowing us to pirate. what about free verios, or karmas a bit hope you all go to jail tb there to modify it.

  8. #798
    leon315 Guest
    man, you don't have to pirate, nor get their dongle...

  9. #799
    Erz Guest
    Ouch! Please don't make another dongle

    If they did make another dongle for high rocket price then, I guess I have to say goodbye to PS3 and welcome 360

  10. #800
    fantopoulos Guest
    very crazy stuff, i think you will probably need kind of update, or adapter, or something for the true blue to work, the pieces just do not add up to me.

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