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  1. #71
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Not sure about JB2 but my old dongle works on any port even via USB hub just fine ...

  2. #72
    Erz Guest
    This is getting interesting... Now I'm curious about what will happen next (>_<)

    Same here, I never have any trouble to use dongle in any PS3 USB port ^^

  3. #73
    wikdclown Guest
    According to Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA) this is the real deal.. Personally i'll just wait for someone to reverse engineer it

  4. #74
    1Panic Guest
    First off the features make no sense. Which leads me to believe how can that be true? Why would it "only" play newer games...and won't allow older games?

  5. #75
    lindwurm Guest
    Lol easy bro easy

  6. #76
    SwordOfWar Guest
    This won't kill JFW DH if it can only play newer games from a BD disc. Not everyone wants to buy expensive BD burners and dics.

    People are already spoiled by not having to burn discs at all. Its cheaper and more flexible to use a HDD.

  7. #77
    elser1 Guest
    +smells like a scam to me from all the new users from a certain country that, due to a few bad seeds is unfortunately known for dodginess, have only posted in this thread and about how great this product is.. i'd do the same scam if i had a boat load of old stock to get rid of at a high price... LOL

    either that or its true.. LOL take your pick.. at $10 a blu ray disc its not the answer anyways imo.. if you want to play new games buy them and update ur ps3 or buy a 2nd one for psn and new games..

    i think he means downgrade? its far left only isnt it?is that what your talkin about?

    show me proof playing portal 2 on 3.55 or i call bs. if they cant explain how it works, and doesn't make sense, its probably bs..

  8. #78
    Roaf Guest
    hmm.. Isn't PES 2012 and FIFA 2012 original BD ? The Case and The BD looks original.

  9. #79
    cfwprophet Guest
    Ok then its my failure.

  10. #80
    master32820 Guest
    God plz let it be true

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