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    WTF Name Guest
    dono but following other thread he started in Jan / Feb, he said he is using DEX PS3.

    so i doubt everything cannot work on 3.55 CFW CEX. should be in DEX, every devs are now working on DEX, except us and other noob.

    otherwise, why do you think their so many things related to DEX , some pkg , spoof , which seems useless for us , but they are born for purpose.

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    Mystic Racer Guest
    Yeah the DEX systems are very important, because we can study the system.

    But, really they should share the info (a little or a lot) because everything can help in the scene, sometimes the people can help, but without info the people don't try again.


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    Apr 2005
    From zadow28: I have also managed partially to decrypt the eboot bin from TrueBlue update.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Unselfing TrueBlue eboot.bin comes with error but creates an elf anyway

    [Register or Login to view code]

    TrueBlue eboot partially decrypted: http://www.mediafire.com/?nagylyv3tpsrgbn

    And the string from TrueBlue that gave an error but decrypted some:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    From PsDev: True Blue Dongle Information

    I sold my True Blue device, so here is some information that I collected for my own use (easy to find out). Use it to your advantage, with some of this info much more can be found out about the True Blue dongle Device.

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Takavach Guest

    Thumbs Up Decrypt True Blue Self File

    Hi to all , today i decide to release my unself.exe for using on True blue self file and with this file you can decrypt their self file but you need their keys and i am sure someone finally helping you and put the true keys for you.

    i hope enjoy of this and play all True Blue games without Dongle

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    svgame Guest
    How can i decrypt a JB2 blu-ray game disc?

    The JB2 blu-ray game disc in a drive is a cdfs file format. Can't see anything. How can i dump the eboot? i use the clonecd copy the disc. It‘s Complete!but the COPIES DON'T WORK AT PS3. HELP ME PLEASE! Thanks a lot

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    TheDevil Guest
    Not really sure what you mean by a "JB2 disc" but if you are talking of making a dump of a real game disc then you will need to use a Games Manager like Multiman.

    1. Requirements: Your ps3 system need to be running at least a v3.55 Custom firmware (CFW) like Kmeaw, Rebug or Trueblue (or you wont be able to run the games manager or play backups).

    2. Then you need to have a games manager installed like Multiman 02.09.02. Once inside Multiman simply insert the genuine game disc into the ps3 and choose the games options and select to either dump (copy) the game files to internal hdd or external hdd/usb stick.

    3. You can then play the backup using Multiman from internal/external hdd (note some games can only be run from internal or external or need a genuine game disc in the ps3).

    4. Original game discs with firmware higher than 3.55 you can still dump on you 3.55 CFW but note that you cant play them unless you have a TrueBlue dongle+cfw AND get a TrueBlue patch for the individual game.

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    Nicolas17 Guest
    Where is link for Download?

    Edit: i found that. Thank You

  8. #768
    Blade86 Guest
    Great work dude but could that special person post the right keys here??

    If it was that easy, why nobody has decrypted the eboots and re-encrypted them for 3.55?

    I REALLY don't want to be rude in ANY way! i'm just curious...


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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Brief updates from the TB site:

    4 - 5 2012

    A warning to those considering or having already purchased a True Blue clone: we have previously implemented special anti-clone technology in the True Blue firmware which accurately detects clones and when such a clone is detected, will activate one of several effects at random intervals, such as erasing the internal PS3 HDD.

    The recent JBKing 2.5 software update is especially affected by these measures; anyone using this clone will be subject to data loss as a result of random HDD erasure as well as other effects. Other anti-clone measures are now being developed and will be deployed shortly.

    Clones of True Blue will be blocked and future EBOOT's will not function with such devices. It is therefore important that users, in the interests of enjoyment and to avoid wasting money on trivially detectable clones, should purchase only original True Blue devices.

    6 - 4 2012

    It has come to our attention that some unscrupulous parties in China are now circulating fake True Blue devices. The devices look very similar to the real True Blue devices externally, but inside there is a cheap clone PCB which does not function with the True Blue CFW V2 or any dongle firmware above v2.3. As a result this device will not work with any of the latest EBOOT patches which require higher True Blue firmwares - this includes ALL EBOOT patches released since the beginning of the year.

    Furthermore, the hardware platform on which this clone is based appears to be almost identical to the JB2USB clone which surfaced a while back. In light of this it is likely that channels which distribute the clone JB2USB are also distributing these True Blue clones, so beware of shops selling JB2USB who also stock True Blue, because they may sell you a fake.

    In order to identify the fakes, please check exhibits A and B in the image below. A is an example of the original True Blue circuit board, while B is an example of the fake.

    In the fake (B) we can see that:

    1. It is not based on the secure Actel FPGA, rather it uses an inferior chip on which the manufacturer markings have been removed
    2. Does not use a crystal oscillator
    3. Is glued inside the plastic inner case
    4. PCB size is obviously different
    5. PCB is green

    As the fake dongles do not support any True Blue firmware past v2.3, they can be trivially identified by simply attempting to update the dongle to the latest official True Blue firmware. If the update is unable to complete, then it is highly likely you have a fake. Alternatively, the fake can be identified by removing the PCB from the metal case and comparing yours to the image above.

    Finally, from zadow28: Trueblue Lv1.self Debugged.. since i got my ida debugger working with PPC files.. some more stuff started to show. Found this. Hope it helps those that are looking into this crap.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    This looks interesting:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Names window in debugger:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    And the strings window in debugger.. its so big thats its gonna be an pastie: http://tinypaste.com/0fd7c975

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    TheDevil Guest
    They better be effin' joking!

    I own both a TB and JB2USB and have multiple ps3s .. so if i accidentally put the wrong dongle into the wrong ps3 i get a wipe?

    Also how am i supposed to know if my TB is genuine or a clone? The TB site has no list of official resellers .. so how is anyone to know if they get a real one or a clone from some random site? Heck i don't even know if my TB is truely genuine right now.

    One thing is making the TB software somehow block the clones dongles from working .. but adding malicious code? That is NOT acceptable! That is worse than even $ony.

    "Piracy" used to be about being the first and getting something out to the people. "buy the game if you like it" used to actually mean something .. especially today as its all about the money and companies rarely release demos anymore (unless you pay to some network of cause) so no way of knowing if you actually like a game unless you pay for it. And games aren't exactly being sold for 1.99 anymore.

    Price of the TB isn't exactly cheap either. Payed 60 euro (and thanks to europe import tax it ended up being close to 100 euros) and when you release a product at that price you customers expect something in return.

    "Get our dongle and it'll brick your ps3" is probably not gonna get you any more customers. Get your acts together!

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