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Thread: Rumor: PS3 JailBreak 2 v3.55 Dongle Plays v3.60+ Game Backups?

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    That phrase, - "DRM infected dongle", someone should patent it

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    UFO observer Guest
    Keep up the good work, guys! We all believe, that you can decrypt this stupid JB2 dongle.

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    Ombra Guest
    Sorry guys... wouldn't a simple hardware mod to write protect the TrueBlue chip allow us to use a Peek&Poke enabled MFW even if the killswitch is triggered?? That way the TrueBlue won't be erased.... Just my 2 cents since i don't own a TB

    Another option would be modify the PS3 firmware syscalls like the panic one or maybe others used by the TB to "verify" the presence of peek&poke to make it do absolutely nothing (in case of the panic) or make it return a negative answer (in case of the verification) if triggered but i don't know if that is even possible at all...

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    doctorwho05 Guest
    you can bring TB back to life, though you need hardware to do it, unsolder 8 pin PIC, put in SPI flasher you need original 2meg update (hard to find), once reflashed put back into Dongle and update to 2.4 dongle fw. you should be back in business.

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    Nabnab Guest
    Anyway forget about TrueBlue function or Cobra = just a dongle that copy most of the Sony JIG structuration/Graf works

    A Trueblue/Cobra Payload will lead nothing important to exploit your PS3, just saw how crap is the PS3 Scene and you see this people that call themselves dev and just copy/past and chilling behind the computer, mister/miss PS3Dev irc, that just stand here and laugh everyday, they just critic and what they did ? nothing they copy past most of the doc from Sony and from Graf works, what they did ? so funny that some people call themselves an0n and just leak stuff from other

    I'm not going to reveal anything new but some info from PS3Dev Wiki is wrong... that let you go nowhere (everyone can write on a wiki it doesn't mean is revealant) why you think that have no real evolution on the PS3 Scene ? most of the hacked stuff was based on information come directly from Sony and why with all the information show anything than business ?

    Yes Natepig it would be easy to make clone and port this stuff but some syscall are so stupid and undirect make problem (bug, crash system, etc...) you didn't see that when you use TB2 with a patched game, you can see some problem on the game ? or you can't even finish or maybe save the game ?... they also think about releasing a new dongle, like most of the dev that are happy to make dumb the PS3 users, i'm not going to insult them because i don't want to play this game.

    Let's take seriously.. I'm not going to explain you again what is a Payload, you can exploit the PS3 4.xx with this and that can lead more interesting stuff, actually this work with some specific game (i will give the name of the games)

    trying to understand the TB2/Cobra is good, load a payload TB2/Cobra is good but not good enough, because this is only for the people who actually have a PS3 with 3.55/specific CFW that you can load the right files, etc... anyway you would go nowhere, the fact is that dongle are pretty useless on most system and more with suicide chip (include the decryption table that need to be here)

    most of the code from TB2/Cobra = based on, if you check some part, you ask yourself why they need to use this syscall ? that doesn't make any sense than give more problem, somebody said that more you play with the stuff you don't even know and try to understand, more you will have difficult to executed what you want, why release a EBOOT or patched files take so long ?... well use IDA and ppu-lv2 program you would understand.

    I'm sure that some people gonna say and you what did you do ?... first i never call myself i hacker... second, like i said from the beginning my knowledge can help from some way but not another way, that i need again to teach myself to understand, i never said i will offer all but i will reveal most of important things, that i already did, i just release some script, program and useful information for try to help but it seems to be not enough for certain fake dev (yes i call fake dev that stand behind or make business from work of other) i never judged anyway and some turn my words out because it was not ok with my things and my way (don't reveal that, no i can't help, etc...)

    What we are now ? PS3JIG for PSP is more than what some dev think, it's not for go under factory/service mode, it's more for exploit and dump some important stuff

    A PS3 4.XX will send a specific challenge that no one know for now but the challenge still exist on this model and even on the 3K that put you under a blackscreen mode what the PS3 4.XX try to load for more than 1min of boot ? well the 4.XX go under a safe mode execution that to fix the bootloader if the error make too much problem or also ask you to reinstall the PS3 firmware (corrupt file) yes you can easily corrupt your files system under 4.XX than 3.55, the 4.XX have more bug and problem than a 3.55 (probably due to the integration of a unified system execution) or try to test a new kernel level.

    Remember that the only way for Sony to block the old execution was to add a subloader and second loader for the bootsystem to prevent any unsigned or unknow sign execution. ok let me tell you another think, Sony only block and add to make execute all the loader together without problem (one loader for all), ok this is only to prevent the bootloader/metldrv2 execution. after that, the PS3 system load the rest of the important file system file (aka sprx/plugin etc...)

    Now about the PS3 3K, for the PS3 System patch the old sign to be recognize by the system under a new sign (yes remember that the old sign or unknown can't be load just like that) the new sign = save in cache, that load when you try to execute the old sign under 4.XX

    During my investigation i found that the PS3 4.XX include a system swap prevention (that mean if you change the storage the PS3 will go into a hibernation mode and for most stuff you try to do, the PS3 go into a hibernation mode)

    The PS3 4.XX and also 3K have 3 execution mode (System, Recovery and Safe Mode) using the Safe mode and with the right call you can dump files using the recovery that seems to be different than on the old firmware you find all the new protection and hibernation mode

    Where is the new doors ? Still on the JB tool and also PSP from who know but have another door that no one was exploited yet, it's from a game some specific games use and need a payload executed to load the game -> you can make a hello world and also use this way to add some cutie flag to your PS3 4XX system, even 3K i can reveal which games but you need to add your own code under this payload without touching the encrypted offset it's possible and the payload are not that strong

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    derako Guest
    Nabnab, i would strongly recommend you give the name of the game and how does that exploit work so you don't get any insults..

    I'm telling this so you can avoid those umpleasant messages you say you get..


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    thewhitetyger Guest
    Nabnab sounds like he used to work with Team AC1D. He may know a few things... hopefully.

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    Nabnab Guest
    I never worked for Team AC1D, i always try to give my help for the PS3 community that all

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    imajei Guest


    how about adding hermes payload for split games

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    Nabnab Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by derako View Post
    Nabnab, i would strongly recommend you give the name of the game and how does that exploit work so you don't get any insults..

    I'm telling this so you can avoid those umpleasant messages you say you get..
    If you want to know which one, it's simple Launch every game you have, make a save and check what files you have on your savedata files

    Like i said everyone can insult me but it would don't change the actual PS3 scene, i mean how much insult did you see ? (just to compare with another scene) I'm not here to tell you what to do or trust, just here to help that everybody can understand and again, check every of my post, where i didn't try to help anyone in here ? i told many times that don't expect big stuff from me, it's like asking a guy that only know how to change your replace your engine car to make a engine car

    Remember what happen on the wii ? on the PSP ? -> savedata exploit some PS3 games include a payload file that can be used to exploit the PS3 system

    I'm gonna tell which but it would help who ? the dev who want to make business ? and when that can be know by everyone

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