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  1. #721
    ddamyank Guest
    can't the devs intergrade these payloads into a new cfw to play 3,6 plus and psp games and so on or even in a back up manager?

  2. #722
    girobane Guest
    Not in their current state, but that's their intended goal I believe.

  3. #723
    ddamyank Guest
    so in other words everbody should be watching for a patch like lv2.pkg or a update on a backup manger.

    i'm like this idea because as long as we all stay off psn less likly to block us from playing backups of the new games they will be more focused on locking up their new firmwares than blocking copying discs.

  4. #724
    shadoxi Guest
    I would like to clarify some things . First of all, this stuff (payloads) come from my few hours in working to reverse tb dongle. I have remarked that the dongle brick automatically if there are syscalls peek / poke (I bricked my dongle but i got a new one yesterday).

    Yesterday, i created a cfw with peek/poke syscalls and some extra modification to bypass and prevent from suicide . It work fine ! Currently, these payloads lead to understand how Tb and Cobra work.

    The important payload part lies in lv2 (memory) when TrueBlue is enabled. I am trying to reverse this part (but don't expect from me a cfw with cobra and true blue implemention).

  5. #725
    baluloy Guest
    thanks for the update..

  6. #726
    hawkY Guest
    So you mean you will release information about implementing all of this into CFW (how to do it ),but you will not release the actual cfw ?

  7. #727
    CeXML Guest
    Great work ,and you have a modified peek and poke working too , that is great. Glad to see someone with skills doing some real work on reversing these dongles. Keep it up and keep us posted! Shame about your dongles untimely suicide.

  8. #728
    hawkY Guest
    any way good luck man !!!

  9. #729
    Nabnab Guest
    You probably talk about the lv1_wrapper of the Cobra/TB2 (hv call/kernel mode) under lv2 check the lv1 execution that will help you a lot, the Cobra/TB2 need to use this direction under 3.55 firmware, it can't patch on the fly the lv2 just like that.

    i was wonder which syscall did you use for brick your dongle ? i know that cobra/tb2 rom chip (battery that destroy if you make electric things or try a some stuff on it) include a decryption table.

    the decryption table is the most important part of the dongle, that allow you to have a useless dongle nice

  10. #730
    CeXML Guest
    Hi, i've seen Rebug say that peek and poke "in thier current form" will cause TB to erase itself. I assume disguising the syscall will allow it to work without the suicide code activating.

    sorry but its very hard to understand most of what you say , what you mean by "if you make electric things or try a some stuff on it", in english that means nothing ?

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