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    is there a possibility for noobs to get a selfmade TB-dongle working?

    btw.. congrats shadoxi to your work

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    Feb 2011
    Even if you cant get these payloads into a CFW you might be able to put them in other dongles for free.

    I wouldn't mind turning my old Maximus AVR dongle into a Cobra Dongle.

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    Dec 2011
    Can we turn the normal flash drive into the dongle?

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    Sep 2010
    would be nice to have homemade dongle.

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    Jan 2011
    can i use the files with the old jailbreak dongles ? the ones which were used to jailbreak 3.41 FW i meant

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    Feb 2012
    shadoxi : nice work. keep it up! good to see some reversing still going on with proof.

    All: No dongle or payload will be required if/when this gets reversed, Once the TB/Cobra dongles are reversed successfully we won't need any dongles/payloads etc, we have all keys for 3.55 so as soon as the info is made public it will be built into 3.55CFW very quickly by some great CFW creators like Rebug/kmeaw/etc.

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    Considering the dongles are programmable, it's theoretically possible to turn an old jailbreak dongle into a True Blue or Cobra. It'll never be possible to do so with a regular flash drive, though.

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    I don't get what the big benefit of cobra dongle is, true blue lets you play newer games but what gains do you get using a cobra?

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    iirc, you can play PS2 backups on a slim.

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    Cobra supports PSX ISOs, as well as PSP ISOs and, on backwards compatible consoles, PS2 ISOs. In addition, it'll let you emulate PS2 ISOs on a non-BC PS2. It also supports BR and DVD ISOs on the harddrive, though there are much better solutions for that anyway.

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