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  1. #691
    mellss Guest

    True Blue (TB) and Cobra PS3 JB2 DRM Dongle Payloads WIP

    Following up on the previous True Blue (TB) PS3 JailBreak 2 (JB2) DRM-infected dongle news comes a WIP update from Shadoxi on dumping and decrypting the TB and Cobra payloads below, as follows:

    Download: TB / Cobra Payloads (2.84 MB) / TB / Cobra Payloads (2.84 MB - Mirror) / TB / Cobra Payloads (2.84 MB - Mirror) / PS3 True Blue MFW (172.19 MB)

    I have figured out where the payload is located of the TB and Cobra dongles. You can find it at offset @360000 in lv2_kernel and 7f0000 in PS3 memory. According to the PS3 Developer Wiki (ps3devwiki.com/index.php/ReDRM_/_Piracy_dongles) the LV2 dump payload at 0x7f0000 has also been decrypted @ LV2 dump 0x7f0000 (pastebin.com/3VG76HQs)

    Drag and drop payload in IDA and load it in Binary file mode, Processor type PPC.Press "C" to convert in ASM code.

    First of all you need to edit the header of lv2_kernel.self (from CFW TrueBlue) at offset 0x1D, replace 36 1A 00 by 4C FC F0. And decrypt it with unself tool from fail0verflow. Open lv2_kernel.elf with IDA Pro (in binary file mode), go to offset 360000 and press "C" to convert to asm code.

    TrueBlue use some HVCALL:
    • lv1_insert_htab_entry
    • lv1_undocumented_function_114
    • lv1_undocumented_function_115
    • lv1_allocate_device_dma_region
    • lv1_map_device_dma_region
    • lv1_net_start_tx_dma
    • lv1_net_control
    • lv1_panic (shutdown ps3 when TB is unplugged)

    This payload do some HVCALL:
    • lv1_insert_htab_entry (map lv1)
    • lv1_allocate_device_dma_region (?)
    • lv1_map_device_dma_region (?)
    • lv1_net_start_tx_dma (?)
    • lv1_net_control (?)
    • lv1_panic (shutdown ps3 when TrueBlue dongle is unplugged)
    • lv1_undocumented_function_114 (map lv1)
    • lv1_undocumented_function_115 (unmap lv1)

    We needed to dump lv2 and lv1 memory when the dongle is plugged in, so I created a modified TB CFW with peek and poke syscall. It works fine !

    Finally, from the MFW_TrueBLue.zip ReadMe file: Warning this mfw can brick your dongle !!!
    • First install PS3PEEKTEST.pkg
    • Install MFW TrueBlue firmware in recovery mode
    • Start ps3peektest

    If Peek Result is equal to 10 and true blue light is green -> work.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  2. #692
    hawkY Guest
    I cannot fully understand , where does it all lead to ?

  3. #693
    DaedalusMinion Guest
    It leads to a CFW 3.55 that can play 3.60+ games.

  4. #694
    cfwprophet Guest
    I'm doubt cause the dongle do some drm crypto stuff but beside that nice found and thx for sharing. But on the other heand if some one with a bit more knowledge on that would write a payload it could lead to 3.6+ games.

  5. #695
    Zentsuken Guest
    Yep, basically with these payloads, they could be built into a cfw and thus you would no longer need the USB devices. This is exactly what happened with the first "jailbreak" on 3.41, and how the "CFW" for 3.55 was born.

    I can't wait to hear more. I was giving up hope.

  6. #696
    mellss Guest
    Yeah, these payloads will lead to play 3.6+ games. And it will also lead to implement in cfw 3.55 (without dongle).

    Shadoxi successfully added peek and poke syscall in TB CFW. And now he can dump lv1 and lv2 memory.

  7. #697
    1one Guest
    Thanks for the info

  8. #698
    hawkY Guest
    So will Shadoxi continue to work on it ? or did he just release this for someone else to do it ???

  9. #699
    mellss Guest
    I don't know if he will continue to work on it. But now, i think it would not be so difficult to reverse these dongles. Particularly the Cobra dongle has much similarity with the PSJailbreak dongle.

  10. #700
    hawkY Guest
    Anyway man someone HAS to do it , this is a new hope and a great opportunity for the scene, thank you man for delivering this news !

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