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  1. #61
    KerKid Guest
    I believe this over JFW

  2. #62
    lindwurm Guest
    hmmm i think that's not true, the product is an old stock and on sale at the end of dongle wars i think...some big seller in indonesia always buy a thing in a large quantity and thats the reason why... the rumors said the dongle already can play 3.60 games about 2 or 3 months a go, i don't know for sure... dongle price 50-60 u$ and the bd around 7-9 u$...

  3. #63
    didin Guest
    importe jailbreak 2 hehe

  4. #64
    lindwurm Guest
    Good idea..

  5. #65
    young blade Guest
    If this is true.. its going to kill JFWDH..

    BTW is it just me or are there a lot of comments from new users in this thread..

    Looks fishy to me..

  6. #66
    chapsanov Guest
    Yes, I agree..

  7. #67
    soczi Guest
    Can someone ban these people?

  8. #68
    chapsanov Guest
    Whatever you say, while i'm enjoy to play copy bd... ciaooo

  9. #69
    ormsondo Guest
    Yes this is true.

    I am also a ninja wizard pirate who can spawn Chuck Norris as my personal slave.

  10. #70
    randomusername Guest
    Hehe, JFW-DH needed killing ??!! Think that was dead quite a long while ago

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