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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    This seems like an end for clones. Let's not forget, that True Blue have a monopoly in releasing EBOOTS, so they would try at all their might to kill all fakers.

    Personally, I would just wait for their another huge weekend release game updates and then I'll decide on it. For me, the onliest game playable with TB is White Knight Chronicles 2, other games either I've completed on PC, or doesn't interest me.

  2. #622
    landon Guest
    What's this "IDA Fixed EBOOT Data" ?

  3. #623
    elser1 Guest
    i very much dislike these "tru blu" team.. greedy bastards and i hope sony sues them..

  4. #624
    master32820 Guest
    yeah i hate em too but I can't wait much longer i'm bored and in my country tru blu is sold for 125 $ !!!

  5. #625
    young blade Guest
    that means you guys are getting double ripped..

  6. #626
    master32820 Guest
    almost triple

  7. #627
    wyldstallyn Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Erz View Post
    Have you try to install it from Recovery Mode?

    In case you don't know how to install from Recovery Mode, here is what to do =

    Turn off PS3, hold Power button until it shut down again. This time, press again Power button and RELEASE it until you hear 2 bips, now your PS3 is in Recovery Mode. Insert your FAT32 formated USB that contain 3.55 TB Dongle and choose the 6th Option (System Update) after that just follow the instruction...

    Hope this help
    Thank you ERZ! this had totally slipped my mind. I will give it a try when I'm back at my ps3.

  8. #628
    cfwprophet Guest
    Plz what ? Who can some one have a monopoly on releasing hacked things ? BS !! I Prophet to you they WILL get hacked and a free version of there payload for dev-boards will come.

    Kill Fakers ? Thats very hard. I'm totally on the other side. Kill this Indonesian ignorants and make their payload opensource.

  9. #629
    wyldstallyn Guest
    Clearly, the issue doesn't just lie with the TB2 creators, but also with PDX since we are bound by what PDX is willing to release. That's why the games that have already been put on the BD-Rs like X-men and Batman AC have not been released as eboot fixed even though they very well could be.

    there are multiple players in this game... and whether you agree with it or not, at this point, it is what it is.

    I had to go get a chip for my PS1 and a dongle for my ps3.

  10. #630
    cfwprophet Guest
    It has nothing to do with "I agree or not". It has to do with is it the money worth or not. If plz like you and others can't wait and put theyr money on this team or not is on you. But its not the business like it shall be. I also have got modchips but one big thing is "Is it Worth or Not". Example: All dev boards for the gligli hack are sold out. So i buyed a matrix glitcher for 25€. Thats OK. But buying the SPI NAND Flasher for 45€ is not OK.

    This i can do by my own for only 10€. Also the TB team doesn't have found something others can't do. They only discovered something and try to milk you like a cow and to same time acting like sony it does. So you use hacked hardware to pirate games cause you dono want to pay 60€ for a game.

    Sony don't want this but you/we pirating games. Now this team comes into play and charge you with 65€ for buying there stick and being able to play pirated games. And this stick doesn't have any other purpose like Flashing NAND, Cheat system or such things.

    If you have decided to let you milk from this team then well this is your decision but don't talk to me like "Eat it or Not". My work on the Wii does till now help plz to unbrick there Wii and often my soft work where no one other can do the job. Read the posts. But i never have charged my help for the scene with money.

    Also ALL real good hackers never have charged there work with money. Team Twiizers, C4E, GrafChokolo, Kakaroto, Hermes, TMBINC, DarkAlex, the Author of GliGli hack and a lot more.

    The TB team ARE NOT real good hackers. They are lamers cause they charge and don't really have a good support. They work more on the security then on anything else.

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