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Thread: Rumor: PS3 JailBreak 2 v3.55 Dongle Plays v3.60+ Game Backups?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I agree, we need to work together, but I wouldn't know where to start since I don't know much about Eboot.bin modding. The only thing I can "brainstorm" is to use Eboot.bin files from other games.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Then just jump in and start somewhere. I for myself started with ripping of PS2 games. As i first time saw some hex code i thought that i never will be able to do something... but one step after another and so it comes that i have made things on the Wii that even today will help peoples to unbrick there consoles.

    To time im out cause i loosed everything, all private things, my tools, my cons and even my apartment. The luck i had last time is that i found a job as cook where my chief has a apartment direct over the store which she don't need and i can use.

    I got a new 3D Smartphone the LG O3D, a new 3D LED TV (also from LG), a x360 and i got a Matrix glitcher. Next step is to get all my tools back to solder and some new tools to do my own pcb's by art of homebrew. Then for sure a PS3 to play around with it. But my job is taking all my time so i don't will have the time to work in console scene as i had before.

    But thats not the matter. You just need to start somewhere. Even if it is not worth to talk about. As i said i never thought that "Universal Unbrick Disc", "Last Chance Unbrick Disc" or the "Rescue Mii Core" will have such success. But the best is that my work on the ps2 games has lead to the great compatibility on the Wii discs so you even don't need Rescue Menu hacks to be able to boot my Unbrick series

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    RiseOfCthulu Guest
    okay the first thing about eboot fixing is that you're not messing with the actual binary itself. all you're doing is removing the encryption on it, then reencrypting for 3.55. this is where we run into our first lil bit of trouble.

    in order to easily decrypt, you would need the public encryption keys for whatever fw. but you dont necessarily need those keys to do it, it just becomes harder (this is how the TB Team does it). this is where im at right now.

    i've got a few leads im following to try and piece together this other method, and hopefully i can get it soon. but don't take my word on that, i'm not promising anything, i'm just doing what i can atm.

    also, talk to Foo if you have any questions about this, hes my ps3 hacking buddy from 5*G'z, and hes also crazy smart when it comes to this kinda stuff

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    Goobshoeriot Guest
    thanks for clearing that up for me guys. I had it completely backwards thinking that the JB2 dongle was the way to gain access to TONS of ps3 backups. I clearly didn't read enough about the CFW. Well either way i can't do anything with this since i updated my ps3 to firmware 4.0 and i REALLY really don't want to have to shell out $100 bucks for the E3 flasher and i'm a total n00b at soldering and the like.

    I'm hoping someone will figure out a way to downgrade 4.0 without needing a NAND/NOR Flasher in the future so I'll wait for that. In the meantime I'll just go for playing ps2 backups with swap magic.

    ..sad.. I really wanted to get this ps3 custom firmware/backups project going before I buy a new hard drive for my ps3. But i didn't know so I updated to play DC Universe Online.. Damn you sony! you got me

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    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    You have just reminded me... For everyone who is on 3.60+ firmware and wants to downgrade his PS3, should be helped if he doesn't know how, because the more "us" - the stronger we are.

    Seen a lot of guys struggling to go with downgrade procedure. So, "downgraders" don't be afraid to ask.

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    Goobshoeriot Guest
    well in that case.. how can i downgrade from OFW 4.0 down to CFW 3.55.. I really really want to do this / get it done so I can start gathering backups on my TB hard drive. As i mentioned before i'm a n00b at soldering.. and if there is any of that require i guess i would need a solderless solution..

    P.S. I already looked into the E3 flasher solution i wish they still had those mod shops in chinatown so i could just pay someone else to do it for me.. poor chinatown you were so cool before copyright infringment laws shut you down.

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    wyldstallyn Guest
    I haven't been there in a while, but i think penguin village in chinatown still has a place or two that does mods...

    otherwise I'm in ny and can help you with soldering.

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow True Blue JB2 PS3 v2.4 Update Payload, IDA Fixed EBOOT Data Out

    Shortly following the True Blue v2.4 PS3 dongle update below, today EussNL has made available an UnPKG'd / UnSELF'd version, the JB2 TB v2.4 payload and an IDA update which contains fixed EBOOT data for other PlayStation 3 developers.

    Download: True Blue Dongle Update v2.4 / True Blue Dongle Update v2.4 (Mirror) / True Blue Dongle Update v2.4 (Mirror #2) / True Blue Dongle Update v2.4 UnPKG'd / UnSELF'd / True Blue Dongle Update v2.4 Payload / IDA DB EBOOT_SHT_Fixed.i64 / True Blue Update 2.1 and 2.4 Comparison by chazz

    From the PS3 Dev Wiki (linked above):

    True Blue PS3 Payload (2.4)

    located in unself'ed eboot.bin @ offset:
      eboot      payload
      Offset(h)  Offset(h)  00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
      00008730   00000000   09 02 12 00 01 00 00 80 FA 09 04 00 00 00 FE 01  .......€......
      000A3620   0009AEFF   99 0A 4C 65 2A CE DE D6 0D C8 D2 73 FC B3 85 E2  ™.Le*.s…
    SHA1: C062057BFBE4A0DF6C6C6E1B33C7561BC859C23F
    MD5: 69FC4CE04DD4255A0BEEF4C2168F0AB0
    CRC32: 1C9EE18 
    CRC16: 85DE
    The True Blue PS3 dongle 'marketing team' have made an announcement ( which sounds worse than what you'd expect to hear from $ony themselves ) regarding the JailBreak 2 TB v2.4 update and clone dongles as well.

    For those with a dead True Blue dongle, Mark Webber has posted the following method to attempt repairing it via:

    JB King is not a 1:1 clone, it uses an ST IC for communication with a PC, the TB does not have this at all. There is a very simple way to repair a "dead" TB dongle but you will need some hardware to do it. The cause of the "death" is that the SPI is blanked out - fill in the blanks.

    You will need:
    • SPI Flash Programmer (get one from ebay)
    • The original 2meg update file.

    1. Remove SPI flash from TB board
    2. Put into programmer
    3. Load 2Meg file and flash SPI
    4. Replace SPI back onto TB board
    5. Put back into PS3 & update as normal.

    I did tell everyone way back the TB had a suicide mech built-in. The TB will erase the SPI flash and leave it dead in the water as soon as it detects an attempt to do anything to it. The sad thing is, it is doing it with false positives as well, hence so many dead dongles.

    Finally, below is the official True Blue Update 2.4 changes from the ReadMe file as follows:

    True Blue Dongle Update v2.4

    How to update:

    1. Make sure your PS3 is running the True Blue "3.55-Dongle" CFW (custom firmware)
    2. Copy TrueBlueUpdate-2.4.pkg from this archive to a USB flash drive
    3. Boot your PS3 _WITHOUT_ True Blue inserted, and then insert the USB flash drive
    4. Navigate to (Game) -> (Install Package Files), and then select TrueBlueUpdate-2.4.pkg
    5. The True Blue updater will be installed onto your PS3 HDD
    6. Navigate to (Game) and load "True Blue Update v2.4"
    7. The updater will start, and will then prompt you to insert the True Blue dongle. Insert it only at this point, and continue. Your dongle will then be updated
    8. After the update procedure has completed your PS3 will reset, and you will then be able to enjoy your updated dongle
    9. You may delete the True Blue Updater from your HDD after the update is complete

    Change log:

    - v2.4
    • Stability improvements
    • Enhanced dongle security

    - v2.3
    • Fixed games requiring "BD Mirror"
    • True Blue firmware version is now displayed on the XMB "System Information" screen

    - v2.2
    • Initial worldwide release
    • Support for running "True Blue" titles directly from HDD via standard backup managers

    [imglink=|True Blue JB2 PS3 v2.4 Update Payload, IDA Fixed EBOOT Data Out][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    landon Guest
    JB-KING is now out of the game I think !! lol

    They said that 12 new games will be avaible duraing holidays, hope the football games would be there.

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    Apr 2005
    It says security updates indeed, but only time will tell I suppose. However, we probably should try not mix the thread topics... this one is for TB updates and the other for JB-King. I really don't want this thread filled with JBK discussion and vice-versa for the other though.

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