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Thread: Rumor: PS3 JailBreak 2 v3.55 Dongle Plays v3.60+ Game Backups?

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    Goobshoeriot Guest
    Just so i'm clear.. The reason for this JB2 dongle is because the CFW 3.55 kmeaw (?) only runs games that require firmware version 3.55 and lower right?

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    mikep2506 Guest
    For the most part. But, there are many fixes for the 3.56 games and a few for 3.60 & 3.70 games. However a dongle at the moment adds about a 50+ game library on top of these.

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    RiseOfCthulu Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Goobshoeriot View Post
    Just so i'm clear.. The reason for this JB2 dongle is because the CFW 3.55 kmeaw (?) only runs games that require firmware version 3.55 and lower right?
    Right. And the specific 3.56+ games that do work on 3.55 CFW have had their EBOOT.BIN files fixed. the fixing process goes like this. the eboot is decrypted from the original FW, and re-encrypted for 3.55. THIS IS THE SAME THING THE TRUE BLUE TEAM IS DOING TO MAKE FIXES. the only difference is that in the process, they put their own DRM on the files, and that drm makes the file unusable unless you have the dongle. (ps. the dongle doesn't really do anything)

    if their DRM was to be cracked, we could take their files, resign for 3.55 and it would work without the dongle/special CFW. so therefore, don't get the dongle, as it is an underhanded way for these so called "devs" to make money off of already pirated content.. and there will be a free, software-only solution available eventually, so you might as well just wait.

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    tulla2010 Guest
    While you are right about TB & their DRM, can you honestly see any of the 'holier than thou, you shalt not have warez' devs taking time out of tweeting how great they are to crack TB's DRM?

    At least TB are doing 'something' that is moving this stagnant scene forward instead of withholding info in an attempt to keep a stranglehold on the scene & very rarely, when the moon aligns with jupiter & at the exact same time a pig flies past the window, they will offer a clue to something hack related more cryptic than Mr Cryptics cryptic crossword in a vain attempt to keep us sweet while gloating that 'newest firmware hacked noobs, but we're not sharing'

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I agree, I think they just stated that so people won't get the clones.

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    RiseOfCthulu Guest
    i agree that a lot of scene devs are like that.. but still, selling pirated content is a BIG thing to do. its one thing to just keep something to yourself *ahem* mathieulh *ahem* but its worse still to make someone pay for something that they don't even own.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I don't have much respect for people who make money selling pirated games, I'm not against piracy, I'm sure we have all pirated something in our lives. It's just annoying when people are making money of games they don't even own, it like me trying to sell someone else's possession. But the TB dongle only used copied BD disks in the first few weeks, now you can play fixed games of a HDD which isn't that bad imo.

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    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    You are both right, but here is a dilemma... Should we refuse to get dongle (TB at the moment) and "wear them down" so they would eventually give up and release their "little secret"? If ever would?

    Or shall we wait and wait and wait for "ps3 messiah" to come and get us moving again with new CFW or some Ebootfixer and while waiting for miracle we'll brush daily thru scene sites searching for "fix or crack" (how appropriate terms) to be at piece for day or two just to start all over again.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well we have seen a Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3 fix, so my guess is that we will see more "free" fixes on the way.

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    RiseOfCthulu Guest
    no you know what we need to do? we need to learn how to do these things on our own. we need to stop relying on the "devs" that don't do anything but for themselves anyway. sure, we might have some rough going at first, and it is a daunting task, but remember, all of us is way smarter than one of us. if we can get some quality ppl together to brainstorm and do some work, we can do anything.

    i have a friend right now who is making a new FckPSN. he is not the smartest person (is pretty smart), and doesn't have a lot of "dev" knowledge, but he does have some good hardware, a whole wiki on which to get info from, and a lot of intelligent people to help him out.

    and you know what? its going very well. should be out soon, but i digress. we need to do for ourselves and if we did, the scene would flourish.

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