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Thread: Rumor: PS3 JailBreak 2 v3.55 Dongle Plays v3.60+ Game Backups?

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Yep. All of us with troubles are hoping on a release of a tool for reset/fix this dongle. It's alive, electronically talking. Tried on linux. If a tool is released, surely noone will be scared anymore of a malfunction. Yep, some games are sold as BDR, now.

    Depends on your custom police, beware. Dongle is safe, BDR.. but well, depends. I was reading of some who got them without hassle. No idea where they are from. At worst if unsure, wait an eventual future release. You can enjoy tons of new games, waiting batman, c'mon

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    racer0018 Guest
    I have been thinking of getting one of these. I guess I will wait and see what happens

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Yes, surely a tool can boosts, and make customers happy.

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    WTF Name Guest
    According to chnps3hax the author of HOD: Overkill 3.55 / 3.41 fix has explained the cracking process in this way:

    Talk about those broken things break 3.7

    First of all I want to say that they are not a big God, no previous 3.41 3.55 crack, I simply can not successfully decrypt a eboot.
    Second, why this is the House of the Dead and the U.S. version. This is entirely a coincidence that this series for a long time I play the arcade, can be considered a meal.

    Abroad, a friend sent me a new ps3 for, so this is the only hand I have some 3.60 or more games. So I only studied this. On the information I have run, jb2 the hack and I may be very similar, The only difference is that they decrypted elf after the implantation of his own to make the offset only to start an electronic dongle. And I do not have spare time, so be honest I get hold of another electronic one I can not make enough to sell such a thing.

    Second, I have limited knowledge of electronics hardware can not make such a thing. Talk about the high version of the game crack, 3.6 and 3.7 of the runtime is not much difference between 355. There was no increase in any application layer interface, of course, which in fact break the api and nothing to do. Analogy, the first ps3 library does not move this thing, so you want to move the game to run on a 1.0 system is impossible.

    Why say the above, I just want to say the sdk cable X offers no real effect on the crack. However, there is a complete development of the sdk contains the firmware, this thing of autonomous systems research has a considerable degree of help rebug system resulting.

    Also said a lot of nonsense, is that people are concerned about cracking method. Decrypt the game I generally have one week to engage in a lot of trouble. Not to say that this game trouble, but 3.6 + is the underlying key trouble. Thus, although ultimately I succeeded to get the desired non-encrypted elf. However, we do not want to imagine, as long as the cgwin knock a few lines under the command over. Results in hand and code are not collated, very chaotic. Theoretically you can do to step in a new unself.exe get elf.

    However, before the light offset even get me those head. I will have time to make tools, but this is not one or two days on end, she says. In addition, I also need to verify the versatility of this hack, because I am not so tall version of the game. Not like I do not bother to buy and the next. 3.7 Following the game, but in theory should be no problem.

    JB2 the release of very slow crack the game, I think they did not find very effective method is similar to human flesh so to change the practice of offsets in the lane. So please do not request a specific message or post crack method.

    First, I can not explain clearly, and second, that ugly, I know you do not necessarily free to write, so I would rather save the time to write this tool.

    On cfw, I just want to say this more than 3.6 and 3.55 firmware is completely different. Not so easy to put things inside the embedded system to the self-made, I would like to study crack ps everyone knows. Take a look at some foreign authors, they should also upset with this issue. Of course, foreigners dumped my skills are definitely a good few blocks, I used to be a self-made system gives as good as I made sets of rocket to Mars.

    We often talk about the last mentioned sprayer. Spray does not spray for me does not matter, because even my own hair after I posted do not necessarily see, I even saw the heart in addition to criticize a SB next second I forgot. As for after the game, I think I will organize things on hand, Of course, not to say that I will not engage in, I just want to say my time is limited.

    Finally, the last, I do not want to break anything to ensure that the next game, I can only assure you I would not want to go to make money as jb2. Because crack is just playing for me, today, the more interested in the play, not interested in the day I do not want to play. There is something that everyone on the forum I agree, I do not liquidzigong then God, I do not want him to become the second, so we do not be too flattering.
    1) he has done this 1 eboot for a week
    2) he has trouble to find "low level key" of 3.6+
    3) he finally got the decrypted elf
    4) the theory of unself.exe can be used, except he has to manually calculated the offset address
    5) he said, 3.6+ is decrypted in this way , and so as the 3.7+
    6) he suspect the JB2 team is using the similar method , especially the "manual calculated offset address", so that is why JB2 release the game so slow.

    on the other hand, see the post #15 (, #88 (, the author mentioned:

    In fact, I now do not want to talk too much about the specific methods, because the other posts have said, do not want to install too many things to b but finishing. But since I put the offer under their own ideas. The original crack was there before the title key obtained elf, and then re-encrypt the signature look into eboot.bin offset change while the system version.

    However, even with 3.7 key, because Sony changed the base system, not the original unself same elf. Therefore, we may wish to change thinking, we change the retail direct signature bin, into a development with a fake signature, so that together with unself or unfself can also get what we want, which is elf file.

    Almost walked on the surface of the road, but in fact they successfully bypass the firmware mechanism of change, more importantly, from retail to a devkit only need to change the signature part of the key but not all. Of course not able to do to change the key signature, in theory, can be a new unself to get the elf, but then again it takes time, so it might as well find a shift in the original eboot in more direct.

    Finally, one thing is to open is no essential difference between 3.6 and 3.7, to be broken break on all Sony just threw a vest out of it more.
    JB2's do not read unself eboot can not unlock after make_fself can run. Today, the time to find a few of their crack look inside the devkit signature and real development of the signature is not an ordinary thing for a while. It means this part by their own re-encryption algorithm, which must be with the electronic part of the dongle.

    If there is no usb electronic dongle, the eboot is illegal in terms of machine procedures, 100% 800XXX error. But they eboot from several of view. Algorithms seem to be the same, take the time to put this into a normal offset fxck signature devkit should be able to run all the machines.

    But people like jb die I will definitely pumping, or at least non-aggression is the basic bottom line. I do not care nothing greetings,
    But I do not want those people to spend money to buy a jb2 greeting my family. Also add the meat under the offset for the people, of course, not just open your hex stuff in it one by one change, I mean borrow lv1 and 2 of the key results to a large segment of the for.

    Final point is that foreign hackers before a lv0 get permission, I just want to say if it is true that he is God, At least now I have no idea of ​​that. jb2 the hands of those people should not lv0 results. Otherwise, the system should be made up almost settled.

    To the busy end of things, but I have found in the study npdrm and somewhat, there is I hate SE cancer, but like it enough to install FF b, the other not much to say, you understand.
    1) he used lvl1 & 2 key to replace the code inside eboot.bin.
    2) and he said he doesn't need the lvl0.
    3) he changed the eboot from retail to dev
    4) to do that , he need to calculate the key.
    5) finally he double confirmed 3.6+ , 3.7+ are the same and so the jailbreak method

    although i don't really understand what the author say, but i hope this thread could help people who want to do the same as the Chinese author.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    I don't really understand if this is a new theory, a tool, a method, or what.

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    Apr 2005
    I merged it here for now, it sounds to me like he's trying to sort out how the JB2 works.. and +Rep for the heads-up WTF Name.

    Also below is a POC video from kill3r of PES 2012 on PS3 Rebug 3.55 TB Edition for what it's worth via:

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    Maxpuxa Guest
    this is really cool guys, watch this video...

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    chr15m Guest
    Here is a Press Release via

    To quote: "We are working on cool update and pdx on more games, and just wanted to make clear on some points, if you want to mention it

    1) of course more games are coming, people pay a lot for their devices, and they will support it 100% with all the latest games, from all regions. More are coming
    2) they want to be clear, updates will be required for latest game, that will not be compatible with clone devices, just so people know when they buy a clone, no new game will work"

    Looks like the boys and girls of True Blue have their bases covered when it comes to clones. Let us see what comes of this in the coming weeks and months."

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    Apr 2005
    I don't see that TB Press Release on their official site which seems odd, but similar to the Cobra multiMAN news it appears they are posting the news on Tortuga-Cove... possibly due to them knowing some of the developers there?

    Perhaps Condorstrike can fill us in if there is any 'inside scoop' on this... it wouldn't surprise me if some homebrew devs were involved with Max Louarn and the Cobra/True Blue team though.

    Anyway, it just appears to be TB anti-clone 'marketing tactics' for those who are bothering with the dongles hehe

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Looking forward on how they will manage to make new eboots just TB-only. What eboots.. FIFA PES BATMAN and RESISTANCE 3? Wow..

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