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    elser1 Guest
    soon these greedy devs may charge per game or whatever they can think of that suckers will pay for they will.. anyways good luck with your tb dongle.. also that name offends me, being austarlian true blue is our nation saying almost.. i hate these devs and i hope sony gets them big time as thats what the greedy little pimple faced aholes deserve..!!

    the scene is bad enough with all these other fame chasing, arrogant pig know it all but i can't help you fools.. makes me wish i was an xbox man and i never thought i'd say that.. LOL i wish a free version would appear right now to cut off there supply of greed.. dogs!!

    that's my opinion and i'm entitled to it!! i wish dean would withdraw support for multiman on tb.. LOL

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by spunkybunny View Post
    I just tried it and it doesn't work.

    Tried it with Portal 2 and it gives the usual 80010009 error.
    I second that. This can be marked as fake for sure

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    landon Guest
    yes evilsperm confirm that & he told don't expect anything from rebug team about the reverse-engeneering log.

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    soczi Guest
    My own TB arrives on Tuesday... It will help me to stop reading all this effin' BS running around on the PS3 sites and forums.

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    Skitsofrantik Guest
    Sorry to ask this but I can't find an answer anywhere. Does the true blue dongle allow you to play the latest games from the hdd or do you still need to burn the game to a blu ray drive?

  6. #556
    landon Guest
    yes you can play the 28 released 3.6+ games from HDD with MultiMAN, no need to burn games into BluRay or special BluRay

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    Bartholomy Guest
    I undererstand. But honestly, it's the only way to play new games on our 3.55 at the moment. Less than your BF3 online.

    Don't worry about Sony, they are making a lot of money, if it happens a plane for an amazing tropical island, and goodbye Sony. Keeping releasing stuff too, lol. It's kinda the opinion of a lot of people (to be coherent, no alternative) and surely mine, and i'm entiled to it

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    elser1 Guest
    i understand your opinion, and repsect it, but i'd rather support the devs that actually make the games than people who profit from piracy.. piracy should be free.. LOL

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    landon Guest
    no new games for today too, strange !! is it the end of game list or what ??!!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    The PS3 Dev Wiki has been updated again with what appears to be the start (a chart) of True Blue EBOOT files that are able to be resigned to work with PS3 CFW 3.55 and KaKaRoToKS' JailBreak method by eussNL and also speculates on why there have not been any new TB releases recently.

    On the Paradiso / PDX releases: ps3devwiki.com/index.php?title=PS3JB2_Reverse_Engineering&curid=5 85&diff=7098&oldid=7097
    • Because the resellers profit from selling discs, those titles will not be released by PARADOX (patches) / PARADiSO (full pirated releases)
    • No public tools exist for 'converting' to TB format (re-encryption/resigning) - making you completely dependant of release groups like PARADOX/PARADiSO.
    • Content for 3.55 and lower still work (after all, its just a MFW 3.55) - with some exceptions (in some cases it will even brick the dongle when running those homebrew).

    On resigning the TB EBOOTs: ps3devwiki.com/index.php?title=Talk:PS3JB2_Reverse_Engineering#Co ntent

    In the chart, 'Kind Of' refers to the KaKaRoTo Kind of JailBreak.

    [Register or Login to view code]

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