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    Apr 2005


    Just saw this on IRC... if anyone can confirm that would be very cool news indeed.

    [openTB] Get TB payload.bin 2.3 from wiki dev
    [openTB] Get TB dongle-updater.pkg.out
    [openTB] Create folder /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/payload
    [openTB] Copy payload.bin in /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/payload
    [openTB] Copy TB EBOOT.BIN.elf , EBOOT.bin /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/payload
    [openTB] EDIT multiman options_default.ini
    [openTB] # Load payload (FW 3.55)
    [openTB] load_custom_payload=1
    [openTB] LOAD Multiman and enjoy TB Games
    [McDotter] working on kmeaw or tbfw needed ?
    [openTB] normal,, rebug 3.55.2,
    [McDotter] done by you or found in somewhere in web ?
    [openTB] non need tbfw
    [openTB] made by me
    [McDotter] sounds great
    [McDotter] for what is the updater ?
    [openTB] EBOOT.BIN.elf , EBOOT.bin ,, on dongle-updater.pkg.out

    [openTB] is [email protected] * tux

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    elser1 Guest
    that would be kool for those wanting it.. LOL

  3. #533
    Hipmans Guest
    This might very well be the x-mas present many people were are waiting for

  4. #534
    helion Guest
    this is the time when we start to pray for it to be true-blue?

  5. #535
    adrianc1982 Guest
    i grabbed some of the deals from steam, and I'm right now busy playing some games, I can still wait a couple weeks more Lets hope something cool comes out.

  6. #536
    Kaiiela Guest
    I see "no need for TB firmware" but is this with or without the dongle ?

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    Apr 2005


    At the moment only 1 person tested it on IRC... also PS3 Rebug developer evilsperm stated they are working on dumping the True Blue flash as well. Below are some snippets from the log (full channel logs here:

    Testing thus far:

    [MisterK] game transferred, here goes nothing...
    [flash67] copied the payload file obviously?
    [MisterK] black screened
    [flash67] which game
    [MisterK] lotr - war in the north
    [MisterK] that was without the tb patch, going to try that real quick
    [evilsperm] and if its only black screening thats a good sign
    [flash67] well pfft, u need the tb eboot patch
    [evilsperm] you need the patched eboot and the payload
    [MisterK] same story, black screened
    [flash67] but ur not on rebug
    [flash67] and it requires rebug?
    [mespo365] u have a disc in drive....dumb question
    [flash67] ya it black screened
    [flash67] so it booted
    [MisterK] yeah always have a disc in
    [evilsperm] you get 8xxxxxx error
    [flash67] someone needs to see if that bin he posted is encrypted or not
    [MisterK] no errors just black screen, had to hard reboot
    [evilsperm] but your on kemaw?
    [MisterK] the only thing i didnt do was test with rebug, so its up to you guys now
    [MisterK] correct
    [flash67] evil is on dat
    [MisterK] looking forward to the results
    [flash67] so it says pl3?
    [MisterK] yea
    [flash67] so it is recognising it
    [flash67] true blue is listed as pl3
    [MisterK] gogo rebug... lol
    [middleman] games black screen if you dont run a correct payload before the game runs
    [middleman] thats the only reason it black screens
    [middleman] it black screening just means that it cant find the payload or its an incorrect payload
    [flash67] i cant even get multiman to recognise the payload
    [MisterK] it sees mine as pl3 and even boots older games
    [MisterK] ill post the ini in a few
    [MisterK] lemme get rebug loaded up
    [MisterK] ok MM complained about cant use bdemu
    [kamel-] you need to install bdemu2

    Rebug PS3 hacker evilsperm on True Blue hacking:

    [evilsperm] we bricked a few TB dongles poking them...
    [evilsperm] were still in the process of dumping the flash of the TB
    [evilsperm] we made a peek poke fw to dump the TB that way
    [evilsperm] yeahhhhh it didnt likethat and self destructs

  8. #538
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Maybe a dumb idea, but I had it for some time, so I'll share.

    Everybody knows what PS button do while in-game - opens XMB, or, when holded - another screen.
    If we could patch vhs.self or lv2 maybe (not sure where is this call), so when pressing this button in-game, we'll have a clear RAM dump (using peek & poke). And somewhere inside we'll have a EBOOT.BIN clear of masterdisk/whatever encryption.

    Sorry if this sounds really like a nonsense, but I thought I gotta share.

  9. #539
    Bartholomy Guest
    A funny fake, i admit

    Quote Originally Posted by landon View Post
    From Bartholomy on the update: This is what happen with Rebug TB using BD mirror. So if this is a problem of Rebug TB i hope will be fixed. For sure i'm not moving to 3.55-dongle, all my saves are ruined with fakesaveowner.
    I would update this part. Every game who need BD mirror works. Under MM, don't activate BD mirror, because when needed will be autoloaded. And after some tests, now more games start discless. Quite amazing, this update, even better than old times. I fixed that problem on this picture you linked. Using Rebug TB, the only troublemaker was MW2. I made it work, using direct-boot option, an MM option, bd mirror not selected. Using 3.55-dongle, works normally, no need to use direc-boot.

  10. #540
    landon Guest
    thanks ps3news, but it look to be easy for me, I don't think this is that simple !!!

    someone tried this ??

    OK the answer is yes & no one made it to work... let's hope EussNL continue his progress into the RE story.

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