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Thread: Rumor: PS3 JailBreak 2 v3.55 Dongle Plays v3.60+ Game Backups?

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    Foo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by razor1993 View Post
    Team fail0verflow is Back! YEAH! they was and are the Best Devs! because of this team, Geohot was able to find the METLDR Keys! without the tools from fail0verflow geoHot never was able to hack the PS3!

    so just wait and lets see what Fail0verflow will bring us!
    True, but do know the exacts of what geohot did? failoverfl0w may have the tools, but they never put them to use. Look who happened to put them to use because failoverfl0w couldn't.

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    momipopi Guest
    so waiting till december... hmm which 1 come first cfw 3.73 or this true blue for free ??

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Second one, reading what fail0verflow wrote..

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Bartholomy View Post
    Second one, reading what fail0verflow wrote..
    trash talking Math is what they're doing

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Maybe. BTW, tried driver BDR eboot, doesn't work at all. We need this repository

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    landon Guest
    Excellent news, but really I want to see a free solution to use the TrueBlue Jailbreak.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    I bet

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    NTA Guest
    The winds of change

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    young blade Guest
    I can hear the whistle coming closer with a prison broken PS3..

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    landon Guest
    It still very strange the story of this dongle TrueBlue, now some people are talking about the origin of this dongle !!

    They said that the hacker behind this dongle aren't indonesians but someone else, someone more talented !! we have no website, we don't know if it's true that their secret it's debug eboot's (the Driver's eboot didn't work with HDD update) so it still a mistery !!

    Hope we'll see the first releases of games working with TrueBlue dongle over the 2.2 version, once it will be available on the net, the guys over the devwiki & other developers would have all the cards into their hands at least to understand exactly how this TrueBlue work !!

    That will be a good start to a free solution !! Wait & see, some things tell me that we'll see good things before the end of this year !!!

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