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    here another video from another creator

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    Thanks again emperor17 and +Rep, added it to the first post also now!

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    That video which shows it downgrading could easily be a 3.70 spoof so it might not actually be on 3.70 but already 3.55 so whats the proof with that?

    But it does show that PES game running. Does it already run in 3.55? Is that an original or backup disc? It looked original to me.

    I can make a video downgrading from 9.90 to 3.55 if you want then play an original game.

    Why are the videos these days 99% fake? The first video showing PES2012 looks real. Great work JB2 team.

    What I want to see a video of is MultiMan running then Portal2 running. That will prove its a CFW and 3.6* games working. I don't care if MultiMan loads the game or not but that'll be proof its a CFW its running on and Portal 2 will prove a 3.6* game will run on it.

    Just having the MultiMan icon doesn't prove its CFW. You can install it then upgrade and still have the icon. It wont run but it'll still be there.

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    if you want to use the dongle you must install 3.55-dongle firmware. the longer video might a 3.70 spoofed version that instal 3.55-dongle.

    i'm just found the video and share it.. well it's not like someone gonna sell it here anyways. but look on a bright side, there is a way to play a 3.60++ game, which is recently founded.

    encouraged some dev to look into it and implement this method into a new CFW.

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    has that mathieulh guy gone to indo... LOL looks promising i must admit.. time will tell..

    oh well back to arkham city

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    see guys, what i told you before, i just want to share some information here not a scam or something like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMagic1 View Post
    Wow, Looks pretty legit.
    of course this is legit for sure...

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    Ever since the ZPack fiasco everyone is always skeptical of new PS3 products from unknown companies I suppose... hopefully this turns out to be legit indeed.

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    Let's face it... If it's a real product then noone outside Indonesia will buy it if there won't be 100% confirmation from a reliable source that it works. The worst thing that can happen is that it's all a fake story and simple trolling. That's all, so no biggie... All should be clear within a week or so.

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    when the first USB dongle emerged.. people says : FAKE.. now they call it JB2... let's face it..

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