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    Skitsofrantik Guest
    even when this is fully reversed and implemented will it play all the games we can't play now or will it only play the ones that we can find debug eboots?

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    razor1993 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Finally, in related PS3 scene news today fail0verflow have Tweeted the following hint on what may be some interesting PlayStation 3 developments to come:

    "Don't worry all, we are just warming up the twitter engine - getting ready for more tweeting in December "

    Odds are if it isn't done by other PlayStation 3 hackers beforehand, by December they will have made enough cash on the dongle and release a PSGroove-esque version to the PS3 scene for free... so definitely hold off blowing money on this useless device.
    Team fail0verflow is Back! YEAH! they was and are the Best Devs! because of this team, Geohot was able to find the METLDR Keys! without the tools from fail0verflow geoHot never was able to hack the PS3!

    so just wait and lets see what Fail0verflow will bring us!

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    Can we use the dongle to download it ? I am using PS3YES Pro.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    No open source solution yet.

    No point in buying the dongle, there are only a few 3.56+ games that work and fewer that can be downloaded for free, most have to be bought from these scumbags. Wait for a free solution.
    Yep, maybe true

    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    Well playing 3.60+ games from the HDD with a backup manager is a great addition, especially since you don't need to buy those BD games they supplied. But do I need to replace any files before running the game or do they automatically run without any fix?
    Yes, soon but you need your backup, original data, then substitute some files, like a crack. Maybe just the eboot, dunno. Let's wait, and take a look on iso rip websites.. If you see "JB2 compatible" et similia...

    Quote Originally Posted by Skitsofrantik View Post
    even when this is fully reversed and implemented will it play all the games we can't play now or will it only play the ones that we can find debug eboots?
    Still unknown. And dev eboots access is gone, as much we know. Actually, if the enitre eboot archive went downloaded when available, 50+ games theorically should work Doesn't worth?

    Quote Originally Posted by bearmon2010 View Post
    Can we use the dongle to download it ? I am using PS3YES Pro.
    Absolutely no.

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    ShadyGhost Guest


    If I can still read English correctly, they didn't say they were gonna work on it. All they said is that trueblue will have enough money and will eventually give a version away for free (to get more fame)... so all they said is trueblue is king now. No eboots to download though.

  6. #486
    Bartholomy Guest
    No, not yet. Next hours we will see some eboot popping, or a repository

  7. #487
    4DoorITR Guest
    God not more eboot talk. Am I the only one that hopes for the key so we don't need to screw around with these anymore?

  8. #488
    Bartholomy Guest
    No. But here it's JB2 thread, and we talk about eboots or any new method regarding it.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Yep, although once the links surface we will start a dedicated repository thread here as well for the True Blue fix files.

    Thus far, it appears they are using one of xiaNaix's old domains to host the files, but I notice it's with 1&1 Internet (Name Servers: ns41.1and1.com and ns42.1and1.com) which is susceptible to DMCA take-downs, so hopefully they use offshore hosts instead or the links probably won't last long.


  10. #490
    Bartholomy Guest
    No problem, in a few minutes million of users will download all the repository and reupload them on other website like Megaupload

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