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    HeyManHRU Guest
    The dongle can now currently play newer games on a Blu ray disc which is supplied by the people who made the dongle. There was an update though saying it will play newer games of the HDD soon.

    You might find some for sale online for ridiculously high prices and there's no point in buying it because soon this device will be implemented in a CFW taking out the need of having a dongle.

  2. #442
    firtha11 Guest
    I can wait but is just that for us people waiting I mean how long will it take will it be in a month a year a week or tomorrow...

  3. #443
    HeyManHRU Guest
    I'm guessing a couple of weeks until we start playing newer games on CFW, don't worry all these new games will still be here when we can play 3.60+ games on CFW.

  4. #444
    firtha11 Guest
    So my friend in your own opinion would you say something good is coming hopefully soon?

  5. #445
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Yes , just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

  6. #446
    moja Guest
    Well, the method required for playing these games will dictate my enthusiasm.

  7. #447
    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Meh, give it two months. By then a new CFW will be out that requires no disc.

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    landon Guest
    Hello guys, it seems that decrypring the Payload is most likely finished on the Wiki, please if someone has a new update for the dongle (the one making possible reading games without special BD or from HDD) uploading it to the Wiki will be so helpful to the scene.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    Yes , just cross your fingers and hope for the best.
    I truly love how positive you are on this scene A little update. Update pkg (the one on payload) doesn't work at all, doing an update. I receive an error when updating my JB2 using the original pkg uploaded days ago as pkg. Maybe it's me who didn't understood exactly what is posted on the wiki, but what i see is the analysis of.. the update?

    Ok, maybe update contains the entire new firmware 2.1, but if it's just a partial update, you could never see any CFW with this payload at all. And if it's not working with a real JB2, over all, well.. Dunnno, let's hope

    Without dongle, when you start your console, works normally, except managers. Video, music, and duplex PSN title (and bough one) works perfectly. Obviously you need to power on your console with your dongle, or will not be recognized (like the old JB dongle basically). If you remove the dongle, console brick, sadly true.

    This means, if you have to downgrade or change firmware at all, you can manage everything without dongle. BEWARE: don't attemp to upgrade your console to CFW3.55-dongle with your dongle inserted, or this will badly brick your console, blue screen. Easy to fix, if you can use the old factory service method, luckily, but when back, you will lose all saves , rebuild filesystem or any other method available with your console, will be useless.

    Use other methods if still interested to restore them, and use windows, because linux doesn't have any hope with wine using a tool. And as much i know, there isn't any HDD update available anywhere.

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    lindwurm Guest
    One thing for sure, if you have downgrade console and intend to buy jb2 please DON'T coz it will brick you console with RLOD coz there's a bug in their dongle and update for fix which include HDD game play haven't release till now... please be patience friend, people are working some better way to play new games or wait until their fix arrive.

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