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    CS67700 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by halidfirat View Post
    Do you know What is the FEAR ? (its not about game)
    There is no "FEAR". Those things should be released anonymously, no place for "FEAR".

    Like i said it multiple times a scene is not the place to seek fame.

    Geohot had what was coming to him, you don't put your name and face on the internet and pirate the device of a big company .. LOL.
    That's utterly stupid, you're obviously looking for trouble by doing that.

    It's just common sense.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CS67700 View Post
    Totally agree. Thats what i kept saying, this scene is full of devs looking for fame.

    They can't put their names on it ? then they don't release it, plain simple. Then, i wanna ask them, whats the use of even participating in a scene, if the only thing you're gonna do is bitch around and never release anything ?

    Mathieulh is a perfect example, the recent exploit leaked should have been release to the scene months ago (if not years), but that moronic idiot was sitting on it and throwing sand at our faces. WTF ? i mean, why is that guy even in the scene ? LOL

    Some peoples are gonna take his defense, i'm sure, just because he found those exploits. Its a good point, but the other important point is that many devs are capable of finding these exploits out there, they're just not interest in the PS3 scene or don't wanna risk lawsuit.
    EXACTLY! I've been saying that about that moron for ages. He keeps saying he can do things and even shows a few videos then says he's never going to release it. Then WHY is he even in the scene finding these things and telling us? I say he's the biggest PS3 scene faker ever. Nothing he says is real as he never releases anything so he is a fake. From now on if you see a fake you tube video we should call it "doing a Math" LOL It's no longer a fake its a Math.

    IF they were really in the PS3 scene to help everyone and keep the scene alive then release what they find. There are other devs out there that need that exploit or whatever to finish their work or there are others that will find another exploit if whatever you find it released. The devs like Math are the ones holding back the full potential of the PS3 scene coz they dont release anything.

    I say stop glorifying them. Totally ignore them. To all the admins and web site owners don't post there crap in news anymore. That might actually force them to either leave as they aren't wanted anyway or release their findings which they should anyway. It doesn't matter if its in their name or not, as long as its out there it will help someone somewhere to find and make what the people of the PS3 scene really want.

    This is mainly for other site owners and admins. The longer you put them on a pedestal the longer they will keep talking their crap and not release anything. If they are ignored they will have to prove they belong up there so they have to release something to stay on top.

    And I thought it was hilarious when Math came out and said "oh look at this file, its got my name in it so thats proof I did it" LOL. Oh, go have a cry Math. We don't care what you say, none of us are interested in you anymore. You've lost all credibility in anything you say.

  3. #423
    moja Guest
    Interesting. Things have been a kind of devs vs scene thing - not that they are diametrically opposed, but there seems to be enough motivation for them to keep things hidden until a leak occurs. The other scenes I don't notice this type of behavior. Time will tell how this comes to a head, if at all. I don't believe it's fear of lawsuit though, because as has been pointed out there are several ways to advance the scene without fear of reprisal. Hopefully this doesn't turn into another hiatus of progress as newer methods are needed.

  4. #424
    Bartholomy Guest
    Just a short update. Tried UC3 original eboot, freeze when run. No updates today for a new firmware's update. I think is an underground hand by hand update, because the Dev didn't release any official update, but people talk about the funcionality, and some stores sell this dongle ready to play from HDD, in indonesia. I need to investigate a little more

    Still waiting to try MW3, as much i suppose was a misunderstanding, and surely the owner meant BF3, so no miracles. Actually, who want this dongle, or any free payload version, still need indonesian's BDR for play new games. So boring

  5. #425
    landon Guest
    Guys, look at the Wiki again !! it seems that someone is working on decrypting the payload.

    lv2 dump payload decrypted at LV2 dump 0x7f0000

    Here is the link: http://pastebin.com/3VG76HQs

    [Register or Login to view code]

    ps3devwiki.com/index.php?title=PS3JB2_Reverse_Engineering#lv2_dum p

    lv2 dump

    payload decrypted @ LV2 dump 0x7f0000

    [Register or Login to view code]

  6. #426
    Dan18uk Guest
    This a million times over, holding back stuff cause you can't put your name on it is retarded, Oh i'm not gunna release this cause if i put my name on it sony will butthurt me (rightly so attention whore its still PIRATING) but if i don't, no one will know which pathetic basement dwelling virgin cracked the ps3 hurrr so important!

  7. #427
    jedaking Guest
    Uncharted says that they have decrypted the fw now!! good news

  8. #428
    chapsanov Guest
    New game title for JB-2 / BD-copy:

    1. Ace Combat Assault Horizon
    2. Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi
    3. Disney Universe
    4. COD Modern Warfare 3
    5. Battlefield 3

  9. #429
    lindwurm Guest
    Nice mr chapsanov hmmmm i'm curious about what's in their COD mw 3 and battlefield 3...

  10. #430
    chapsanov Guest
    I'll upload the eboot for that

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