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    Last I heard, similar to GeoHot, Graf, etc Sony also threatened to sue him for the PSN hack apps he was working on. He showed us a PDF file of the documentation several months ago and said he was going to post it but ended up deciding not to. He is still on IRC / MSN occasionally, but not sure how active (if at all) he is in PS3 hacking these days as a result of that though.

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    I don't agree, in my opinion and from my analysis of Driver San Francisco eboot.bin included into special bd, I see only an eboot with the debug header and not a debug eboot, while the rest of eboot is encrypted with custom keys. This explains also because special bd are still necessary in order to load new games.

    The payload dumped so far is useless if we need still the special bds. I hope the update of the dongle announced for hard disk support will be soon available, so we don't need more than special bds.

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    I'm on 3.72 or what the latest firmware is now because of FIFA12, and it did take to long imo. Because of that i've become a noob in ps3 stuff again and am just waiting for a CFW3.72 or something like that, but I still have my teensy 2.0++ attached to my wall of fame

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    I'm thinking give it about a month, it would be great if by X-Mas the payload was incorporated into CFW/MFW, MM, etc for end-users.

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    Ok boss, but it requires still the special bds.

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    yup it still need bd copy even after the payload implant on cfw... if someone can figure how to mod the debug eboot or create a tool to sign the eboot or fix the bug in it then maybe we have disc less games to play.

    the dev must work harder i guess coz they can't wait the update that jb2 dev promise to release, the one which can play backup games or disc less and a fix for downgrade console coz the dump already release...

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    That's just the version dumped so far though, as soon as the update falls into developers hands it too will be dumped and reversed etc.

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    lindwurm, I think the dongle contains custom keys, the dump and the analysis of dump are important in order to get the custom keys, so we can use it to decrypt special eboots and/or to create a tool to decrypt special eboot too. In this way we could use the eboots specifically resigned for the actual custom firmwares.

    From messages exchanged with lindwurm seems not be programmed any updates of the dongle, just a rumor.

    Of course I hope to be wrong.
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    Makes you wonder if they have a source inside Sony to get the files (or, a decent hack). They want to keep it quiet, so they encrypt it to hell (and, want $$ too). Got to love the profiteers!

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    Best news I've seen all day!


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