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    My guess is the Chinese company just copied the chips 1:1, they didnt hack/decrypt it.

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    Sep 2010
    Yep, looks like the dongle's been dumped:

    PS3 System Software

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    Remarks: needs JB2 dongle as DRM

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    Maybe, dunno But the store told me to not get the chinese one, because is unknown if the True blue HDD update will work on the chinese one too. I will update this thread about it too

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    It wouldn't matter, we'd still have to download their 'fixed' rips to work with either true blue or the clone, they won't work with the retail 1:1 copies that are already out.

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    True. I strongly suggest to stay far from the chinese dongle, till when an HDD update is available. I will tell ya

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    Oct 2010
    But we have no access to the true blue rips either at the minute bar 4 or 5 games making them both useless.

    Even with a HDD version if it works like the previous one the eboots aren't standard.

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    Uhm, actually seems way more than 4 or 5. I will tell you later

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    it does not mean we can play 3.60 + games just yet, i was told there still needs to be a cfw with the true blue dongle incorporated into it, so people who are just sitting on you're butts waiting, well keep sitting down, and still be patient.

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    Thanks for the news ( VenomusX, +Rep. Hopefully a very smart individual will implement this in a CFW soon.

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    This is truly awesome. There are a lot of releases this November, my PS3 is itching to play them

    Hope, when I'll complete new Zelda: Skyward Sword (not really "Skyrim" type of guy, prefer japanese RPG's and adventures), the CFW/fixes/any other methods of launching new games will be avaliable.

    Let us think, how long it was from the start of the original Jailbreak reversing to free Teensy variant? A week, IIRC?

    Oh, and anyone remembers StreetSkaterFU? Where is he now, what's he been doing?

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