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  1. #341
    flaxjef Guest
    Can't wait to get my hands on this device!

  2. #342
    elser1 Guest
    if i needed to i'd rather buy another ps3 and the games than give money to people like this..

  3. #343
    Hipmans Guest
    Second that. Obviously they are free to try and make some $$ on this but I for sure will never support them. I'd rather stick to what I have now or otherwise buy legit material.

  4. #344
    barrybarryk Guest
    I emailed the only reseller I could find that's selling it already about pricing and shipping to the UK this is what I got back:


    Yes i'm selling JB2 dongle.
    JB2 is $59 (retail)
    BD game is $12 each
    Shipping cost $28 (EMS express ETA 4 Days)

    Game available for a while is :
    PES 12
    Fifa 12
    Sniper ghost warrior
    Driver SF
    X-men destiny
    GOW origin
    Disgae 4.

  5. #345
    techsweeney Guest

    it's ok

    hey, think that it's ok and all but they need to come with a new cfw

  6. #346
    Bartholomy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by predator3 View Post
    Can any USB flash drive be used or does it take a special one for the dongle? Thanks
    Nah, any usb is fine

    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    I emailed the only reseller I could find that's selling it already about pricing and shipping to the UK this is what I got back:
    Lol, 59$ and few games? it's barely 45$ the dongle , 40$ either , the market price everywhere, as much some jakarta store scam people asking 50$ (they have just a couple idiots as customers ) lol, Told ya, pro scammers

  7. #347
    Takavach Guest
    can anyone give me eboot.bin jb2 for pes 2012 ?

  8. #348
    Erz Guest
    Hey I'm back! And for the record "Yes, it's true"

    This dongle can play 3.60+ games BUT you can't use your HDD for PS3 game Backup like usual... For another add, you CAN ONLY play 3.60+ via Custom Made BD (burn by your self)... As a matter of fact, this is the very same condition like PSX and PS2 in Indonesia, most of them are use custom made DVD (Not Original Game DVD) in fact even I'am play PS2 games using custom made DVD ^^ (each are sold $0.5 = Rp.5.000)

    So far there is still little info for this because there is not many people who know about this Dongle... And the rumor about use the dongle in 3.55 OFW/CFW is still debated (V_V)

    I'll try to report it in here if I get new info (but don't expect it too much T_T) (sorry, there is no video or pic because all the person I ask still not use it, they still looking another info too ^^')

  9. #349
    Bartholomy Guest
    Opposite, you just confirmed some doubt people have. Mostly, seems in doubt the custom made BD. I personally skip this part, the creator of the dongle is not interested to share nothing. Do you want to explain, finally, how homemade BDR are done? If you want. Feel free (as indonesian users on their forums do) to skip this explanation at all

  10. #350
    moja Guest
    So that's the way they modded PS2s over there also, using special discs? Sounds like some kind of drm to make money. 'Normal' PS2 mods allow any disc.

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