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    Apr 2005

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    Thanks for the update emperor17 and +Rep! I have also added the encryption keys for PS3 Debug Discs utilized by the PS3 JB2 method to the bottom of the main article now.

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    elser1 Guest
    if they're selling these games for $0 each then there's your answer to why have old games i guess. lol

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Has anyone actually installed this CFW? Does it work just like kmeaw CFW without the dongle?

    Will it load Driver with the modded eboot via usb?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    It won't work without the Dongle according to lindwurm.

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    woNd3R Guest
    I ve read the first post carefully

    Since the english isn't that perfect i wanted to understand a couple of things

    A) You need their blu ray discs in order to play?
    What does the phrase you can still play from external hd mean? Meaning old backups?

    B) You need to be on ofw 3.55 or Cfw?
    They provide you their Cfw that needs to be applied on Ofw or is it a patch for Kmeaw?

    C) Since these guys wanna make money did anyone try putting the contents of the bd ray disc on the computer and then ftping them to the ps3 and see if it works that way?

    I seriously undestand that they wanna maximize profit problem is

    A) Shipping costs
    B) That's piracy , i know there are some people that still like to spend 70$ for games
    C) Bds cost way too much and you need a burner which costs too much also

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    Bartholomy Guest
    No. On opposite, the slow release of the entire list is because they buy original games, with the same price of europe or usa. So, they need to wait for or money, selling dongles. Now you can find, on store, tons of BDR, and a lot of new games. Soon, the entire list will be complete

    A) yes, for new games, you need a BDR. If you have 3.55 and lower games on HDD, Multiman will work, no need to buy BDR for old games
    B) Both is the same. OFW or CFW, you can install it, via recovery menu. 3.55 obiouvsly.
    C) Yes. It doesn't work without dongle and BDR, no way to emulate this system


    A) Lol? No, simply they are not interested on international market, and trouble with Sony. Rest of the world, can go to hell

    B) Yes, it's pure piracy. Original disks don't work. So you must buy THEIR version of BDR games, available in indonesia.

    No way to ship them, custom police, you know

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    luqi Guest


    or in dev psn the have not the new games MAYBE.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    That list is quite old. You can find more games, on indonesian stores New too, like Resistance 3

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    So I'm guessing this device is quite popular in Indonesia? Hopefully this device will catch on and be cloned soon or maybe there might be a substitute other than using a dongle like installing a CFW.

    Also if you have an updated list of games it would be much appreciated if you post it.

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    za3tot Guest
    i hope it will be same as the first JB, and from HDD... do you think it will be so ?

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