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    GotNoUsername Guest
    So if there is no magic and it seems to be explained. Can we use this trick in any way to play new games ?

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    Apr 2005
    There is a brief guide to obtain the PS3 Debug EBOOT files from Sony's Developer Network via Debug console at the bottom of the main article, but without a Debug PS3 users may have to wait for them to leak on the net for new games updates.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GotNoUsername View Post
    So if there is no magic and it seems to be explained. Can we use this trick in any way to play new games ?
    When we will clone the dongle, and his tool, yes

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    elser1 Guest
    + rep for your effort mate.. its a nice list eh.. plenty of hours there... LOL

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    firtha11 Guest
    I'm confused here's why the info on this topic it says needs to be OFW but a bit below that it states some bulletpoints which are

    What you need to do is:
    • Make sure your PS3 firmware is 3.55 below
    • Update your PS3 OFW or CFW with new one (i will provide with burning disc). <~~ Confusing or what so which 1 is it does MY Ps3
    • Need to be on the OFW of 3.55 or can i do the Update over the Current CFW of 3.55 which I'm on right now....
    • Need to go recovery mode to update if you from 3.55
    • After update complete turn off ps3
    • Put your usb dongle
    • Turn on ps3
    • Insert bd “copy game”
    • Play from bluray icon from xmb

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    elser1 Guest
    it is real mate..

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Means, when you go to Jakarta, the store will provide you (paying it) an additional CDR with their CFW, and an update for your dongle, on some cases. You can install it over kmeaw or any other CFW. If you're using an OFW, it's just an update. No more than 3.55, both cases.

    The operation manual is clear?

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    firtha11 Guest
    Does anyone know as of YET if it's available in the UK? i have been reading please correct me if i get this wrong but i have been reading on this website that the USB DONGLE Device of the PSJB2 is not needed its just the CFW itself and the updater is this FAKE or Real..

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    cfwprophet Guest
    No is only available in indonesia and if i'm not wrong then their usb stick is needed in case of the soft which you update the stick with do some authentication checks.

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    emperor17 Guest

    Stick Out Tongue

    available copied BD for JB 2 list 25 Okt 2011

    FW 3.6+:
    - disgea4
    - god of war origin
    - x men destiny
    - driver san francisco
    - sniper ghost warrior
    - fifa 12
    - pes 2012

    FW3.41- 3.56:
    - naruto strom 2
    - dynasty warrior 7
    - call of duty modern warfare 2
    - nfs hotpursuit
    - gran turismo 5
    - gta 4 liberty city
    - marvel vs capcom 3
    - batman arkham asylum
    - tekken 6
    - nfs shift 2
    - winning eleven 2011
    - marvel super hero squad
    - uncharted 2
    - homefront
    - resident evil 5 gold edition
    - assassin's creed 2
    - prince of persia the forgotten sands
    - bulletstrom
    - medal of honor
    - little big planet 2
    - legends of troy

    i didn't know why they burned old titles which worked on cfw 3.55

    it's seems those title were old stock copied BD.

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