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    ps3hen Guest
    I thought this was to good to be true, although I wish the dongle worked the way Math thought it worked. Imagine a dongle which could decrypt and run 3.60+ eboots on 3.55. We could reverse engineer it and write it into an application like Multiman. But the Sony would release a new firmware with different app keys and we would get stuck again. The vicious cycle. None the less, this is great news.

  2. #242
    spunkybunny Guest
    One step at a time. The next step for us is the 3.60 keys. If they change them we will just find them and thats the step after.
    I'm guessing if we find a way to get the 3.60 keys then thats it, we should be able to get all the future keys the same way.

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    CS67700 Guest
    Just because the Driver eboot seems to have a debug header, peoples jumped to the conclusion that it was debug eboots. But reality is that those eboots are encrypted and that no one really knows what they are and how they make the game boot.

    The best way, i presume, is to either sneak into the dongle to see what "magic" happens in there, or dump the ram to get the decrypted stuff.

    In other words, this debate is sterile now and nothing new can be brought to it until something new pops up.

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    Score12 Guest
    19:44 Mathieulh folks
    19:44 Mathieulh I looked a little more
    19:44 Mathieulh and it seems the psjb2 just runs masterdiscs
    19:44 Mathieulh with fself
    19:44 Mathieulh kinda lame
    what is the deal with the dongle updater eboot.bin?
    19:45 Mathieulh it's a fself but I dunno what it does
    19:45 Mathieulh I never looked at it
    19:45 Mathieulh I don't really care on doing more
    19:45 Mathieulh if you use the masterdisc algo I provided
    19:45 Mathieulh and the proper key
    19:45 Mathieulh which I am not supplying
    19:46 Mathieulh you can decrypt all the psjb2 disc images
    19:46 Mathieulh right on pc
    19:46 Mathieulh grab the fself
    19:46 Mathieulh and use them to run them on a regular 3.55 fw
    19:47 Mathieulh basically security == LAME
    19:48 Mathieulh still interesting to see how they patched the firmware to allow masterdiscs
    19:48 Mathieulh they also do some auth with the dongle
    19:48 Mathieulh which involves crypto
    19:48 Mathieulh to make sure the firmware does not load without it
    19:48 Mathieulh but if you don't need the firmware to load the games...
    19:49 Mathieulh they could have added some extra keys in appldr and encrypted the damn eboots at least
    19:49 Mathieulh I guess they didn't have enough time or enough spu skills

  5. #245
    Bartholomy Guest
    I can theorize: this dongle , and mostly their tool, can be compared as an amateur 3.8 keys and how ps3 can work properly. As said yet, without dongle, ps3 freeze. It's a symbiosis. User ask to load, dongle allow BDR to give a question, dongle answer, game load. Basically they reprogrammed completely the Sony's project. If i'm right, they are (actually) a group of genius who deserve a much better place to work, than make some rupees with a dongle

  6. #246
    ahasverus Guest
    What a I got so far is that this dongle came, showed itself up and all the devs said: "whaaa?!"

    No have figured it out yet.

    By the way: 19:45 Mathieulh which I am not supplying <--- don't have

    19:45 Mathieulh I never looked at it -------------------->
    19:45 Mathieulh I don't really care on doing more -------------> have no idea.

  7. #247
    clementz Guest
    haha You're funny, when you mention about Mathieulh, The dongle still doing some good progress for newer games, Another happy news if the dongle can play another new games.

  8. #248
    exx22 Guest
    where did you get those mathiulh conversations ?

  9. #249
    Abkarino Guest
    Hi Ahmed how are you my brother

    This chat log from IRC channel Mathieulh and other famous hackers using it

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    The topic of this thread is only what is in the title, if you are not posting on the JB2 device or reversing progress with it do not post in this thread. All off-topic posts will be removed and infractions issued to those who continue posting them.

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