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    Now that deamonhades guy can go screw himself. this is what real hard working hackers do

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    Oct 2011
    Oh really ? then why hasn't it been done for the PAST 6 MONTHS ? What about the 3.72CFW ? Still think they don't have the keys ?

    Is this someone really reliable or some kiddy pretending to be a dev ? Just wondering ...

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    To be honest, i'm not buying anymore dongles. I bought the X3Max and 1 week later we had CFW. Also, when BD-R cost $6.00 per disk and $100-$400 for the burner it would probably be cheaper to just buy the games or wait for a PATCH or new CFW to come out.

    Seriously, it can't be that long. This just seems like a waste of money to me. Your going to use it until a new CFW comes out and then it becomes the newest inmate in the drawer of old tech, along with your old jailbreak dongle.

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    Nov 2010
    hi here's the last eboot for fifa12 and sniper ghost, include param.sfo and sprx also if i'm not forgot.So any other request out there,here's the post.You can peek friend

    fifa 12

    sniper ghost

    for jb2 user if your dongle need to update please put bd copy in the disk tray and it automatically update..

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    when I try to unself(2)/readself(2) the FIFA12 eboot.bin, I get error; not a SELF.. how is that possible? Btw, anyone tried to change eboot.bins?

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    Oct 2010
    i don't have the original fifa 12 eboot etc.. i have sniper and xmen destiny originals though i will upload them tomorrow for people to mess with..

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    Maybe i can answer you. There is a method for burn a BDR properly. Seems a tool is needed. If you ask to an indonesian vendor who speak in english, he can show you how things works, and how to burn your games. No, it's not a normal read 'n burn. Simple reason. BDR is modified to work with their dongle. So obiouvsly eboot are easy to extract and shared on Multipuload, trash if you try to analyse them.
    Impossible without their tool to replicate

    Feel free to stop to share eboots. It's pointless, trust me

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    Oct 2010
    Not likely if they're using a 3.55 fw. dumping the ram after loading it will get you a clean unencrypted dump of the eboot fresh from memory along with any other lv2 patches they've got in there, just a case of reversing it from there or just taking the unencrypted eboot and using that with a HDD dump on any other 3.55 cfw

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    The only way to understand and eventually replicate their work, is opening their dongle. Not just physically. If not highly encrypted (i doubt) like cobra, could be easy to make a clone. How exactly things works, is still unkown. Seems they own 3.6+ keys, depryted eboots, re-encrypted them and now your BDR works.

    Reason because if you try to burn a game from a website, it will not work. Their tool just adapt the BDR to work. But eboot is the last part. The key is inside their dongle. That's all

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    we don't need to understand their work or replicate their work or get their key though, we just need an unencrypted copy of the eboot, luckily enough the PS3 will be holding a copy in ram otherwise the game wont run.

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