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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by za3tot View Post
    sorry where i have to delete the original EBOOT, but what about the UPlayBrowser.ppu.self?
    Replace the Original Eboot.bin with the modified one. If there is a file named "UPlayBrowser.ppu.self" in the original game also replace it with the modified one.

    I recommend you keep both the original replaced files in case you need them in the future.

  2. #192
    Erz Guest
    Hm..... So far there is no info in my area about that dongle... I will check another big area.

    Is there someone who know what city that dongle is rumored? That would be really help. Thanks ^^

  3. #193
    spunkybunny Guest
    I tried the modded eboot and I cant get it to boot but I didn't burn it to bluray just usb through multiman and it didn't work.

    if anyone has any luck I'll burn it to bluray and try again.

  4. #194
    3muk Guest
    apparently you also need the dfengine.sprx file from the bluray disk.

  5. #195
    mrgreaper Guest
    wait... what? if we can patch fw to play/use fake signed eboots and if its easy to fake sign an eboot..why have we not been able to play any new ps3 game in months?

    i'm clearly missing something..

    is it a case of they have figured out how to decode game eboots higher the 3.60 and thats the step needed before you make your own eboot?

  6. #196
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Once this device gets cloned it will spread like wildfire. I wouldn't worry too much about getting the dongle now if I wasn't in Indonesia.

  7. #197
    mrgreaper Guest
    just like the cobra dongle? to be fair according to the article the dongle is just drm and not needed for it to do its stuff (well not needed in the same sense that any drm is needed until its hacked to not need it)

  8. #198
    damox Guest
    You don't decode the games eboot - you decrypt them. You can't fake-sign (or any other sign) the file until you decrypt the eboot.

    You can't decrypt the eboot without 3.6x keys. This is all very basic.

  9. #199
    landon Guest
    Awesome work guys !!! keep the good work.

  10. #200
    elser1 Guest
    i can upload any original file if anyone needs them.. the above file is in the game disc.

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