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    According to the article you will, unless something changes like it gets hacked further, etc.

    • Console must be on PS3 Firmware v3.55 (Official Sony Firmware)
    • PS3 JB2 USB dongle must be used
    • PS3 games must be burned to BD-R (Blu-ray) discs

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    Thanks for the eboot !! rep+... this eboot will let us play DRIVER ? if so, do i have to delete something and copy this one ??

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    The one uploaded by elser1 is the original Eboot.bin, the one uploaded by lindwurm is the modified Eboot.bin which was found on the Driver BD-ROM Disc for the JB2 device.

    You can try using the modified Eboot.bin uploaded by lindwurm and see if it works on 3.55 CFW but I highly doubt it will.

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    If it's is just a fself'ed EBOOT than you can just sign it for 3.55 firmware - or use a CFW that allows booting fseld'ed EBOOT.

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    Thank you very much, and i will try it on Kmeaw's 3.55...

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    The day just gets better and better F'selfs - ARE THEY THE WAY?

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    how to they actually "burn" the blu ray.. my blu ray burner will not read a ps3 game disc? i don't think many br writers can.. just out of interest do they rip using mm or something then ftp over to pc then write to disc or is it just a game down load burnt to disc?

    just another piece of the puzzle to think about..

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    Your DVD drive cannot read 360 games, but it can burn them.

    Reading and writing are in two different leagues.

    You could burn the BDR anyway you want - if KADO really are big into pirating the games; they will be pressing them with physical defects.

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    sorry where i have to delete the original EBOOT, but what about the UPlayBrowser.ppu.self?

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    i understand that.. but what i'm saying is you can't put your game into it rip and burn.. i realise i can write files on it..


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