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    Natepig Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dvt79 View Post
    lindwurm, please upload eboot.bin from driver or pes 2012 which you play maybe we try to launch it from 3.55 kmeaw...
    I imagine it must not work like that or it would be an advertised feature. I would be interested to see what happens if you try though.

  2. #132
    Metallox Guest
    always use the same game, again and again... that's suspicious... indeed...

  3. #133
    Pcsx2006 Guest
    it 50/50 atm it can be fake or real only time will tell, btw they might be using 3.70 spoof on 3.55cfw

  4. #134
    elser1 Guest
    well bf3 is out on torrents now.. if this is real pm me if your a decent user and i'll agree to give you my torrent password and everything if you have this device and says it works in return for video proof of you playing bf3 with a coke can in one hand and a pepsi in the other... LOL

    damn this is exciting but sucks as it isn't confirmed to my satisfaction.. so do i need to buy there burnt games, or there special blank discs or what.. is any blu ray disc ok.. i still prefer having 2 ps3s and buy a game play for 7 days return.. next.. LOL

    also i was just thinking.. theres really nothing to be gained by lying is there? other than a whole sid load of cashola.. and no one would lie for that reason would they? LOL

    if any user one this forum has such a device and claims it works, make a video and prove it with proof you are from ps3news.. i'll send you and original copy of medal of honor ltd edition at my own expense if you have elser1 and your name and ps4news.com on paper not overlayed.. LOL, in the video and you can show the entire process from burning disc to playing etc in 100% accurate followable believable video.. proove it!!

  5. #135
    spunkybunny Guest
    It all depends on if they are MW fans or BF fans as to when it comes out. If they are BF fans we will see a way to play it over the next few days. If they are MW fans it'll take a little longer to come out.

  6. #136
    pasty745 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Pcsx2006 View Post
    it 50/50 atm it can be fake or real only time will tell, btw they might be using 3.70 spoof on 3.55cfw
    From everything I have read about spoofs, it wouldn't let them actually load or play the games. This is because the spoofs don't have the keys needed to let the games run.

  7. #137
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Natepig View Post
    I imagine it must not work like that or it would be an advertised feature. I would be interested to see what happens if you try though.
    But they have obviously changed something in the game, since the original BD games don't work but there copied ones do. There is a slim chance that changing the eboot.bin file will make it work, but we got nothing to lose.

  8. #138
    Ezio Guest
    I agree with you. If dongle contains keys 3.60+ then original BD game must work fine, too, but it isn't so. It is clear that they have found the new keys, probably with a new exploit, but I wouldn't like that dongle uses fake keys introduced into copy BD game in the burning phase. In this case the decryption of new games would be in the PC in a phase not yet explained. However too many theories, it needs more info to understand more.

    Surely if lindwurm uploades the eboot.bin of those games, we can see immediately if they work for cfw kmeaw (or other cfw).

  9. #139
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Also if it's possible, can someone who has this device upload the MFW/CFW that comes with it. This might be like what DH was talking about, the games are specially prepared to be played on the CFW and won't work on any other CFW.

  10. #140
    lindwurm Guest
    whoa hold on there... i can't understand why one of forum moderator is stubborn and sarcastic, if you want a proof, easy just buy it kay, it's a whole bunch of video as a proof and why i have to make a video again? geez not a nice guy...

    first why can't play other than five titles and that suspicious? because only that five titles detected by the dongles... and my assumption there is some kind of syscall or poke between the bd and dongles (maybe the elder can help with the word or technical thing) because they work in concerts... and here is the eboot from driver bd copy rip http://www.fileserve.com/file/hStSPgF

    oh yes there also unfamiliar file in it if i'm not forgot to include it and i think the eboot has been modified recently.. i also found only two games can rip from ps3 multiman the other three read as data disc bd rom...

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